How our ancestors followed their energy

Ancient Slavs in their commonsense reasoning is simple. That is in man in charge? Only the body, but only the feelings and thoughts. Then it is necessary to maintain health in good condition? First of all, you need to determine what is best for a particular type of body (constitution), of a temperament (emotional development), as a person rebuild their thoughts, that they did not prevent him to be healthy, confident, joyful and happy.
They were based on what was called "Surya body." What is it? This three biological juice of life, which are in constant change, maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between.
Called in health "Boreas", "Peryn" and "Velesitsa" — Three basic energy responsible for all the physiological and psychological processes within the body and mind.

"Boreas" — A force consisting of the elements of ether and air. The proportions of the two elements of this force depends on the activity, the amount of ether (space) determined the ability of air to gain momentum, "Boreas" — it is the principle of motion, the principle of dynamic interaction of ether and air. In humans, it is manifested in the movement of nerve impulses, air, shelter, food, waste, and thoughts.
"Boree" comes with seven qualities — cold, light, volatility, mobility, dry, sparse and roughness. These qualities define the impact of the "Surya bodily" on the body.

Excess "borei" can cause nerve irritation, high blood pressure, accumulation of gases in the intestine, as well as confusion in the mind. In fact, this is not surprising, because the "Boreas" is similar to the air. And when the air flow is not hindered by any obstacles (such as over the ocean), the wind pick up a force that can easily occur, and hurricanes, the ravages of which are known worldwide.
Lack of "borei" leads to the death of nerve cells, constipation and stagnation, and generates carelessness and thoughtlessness. This, too, should not be surprising, in a confined space air can not move and it becomes stale.

"Peryn" — Is the force that energy, which is due to the dynamic interaction of water and fire. And the water, and the fire is known to symbolize transformation, transformation, and what is the similarity between these two forces, at first glance. around each other the opposite. True, into each other fire and water can not. But they are able to modify each other and can not do one without the other in any of the biological processes.
At the physical level, "Peryn" manifests itself in the form of enzymes, providing digestion and hormones that regulate metabolism. On the physical level this force transforms electrochemical impulses into specific thoughts. Excess "Peryn" can also cause peptic ulcer disease, and hormonal disorders and irritation (eg, poured on the face and acne skin spoiled, hurt, and all this — "Peryn!"), And turbulent emotions.
Lack of "Peryn" leads to indigestion, difficult thought processes and slows metabolism. All this is due to the eight qualities of this force, it is these qualities affect the body: "Peryn" hot, light, flowing, thin, sharp, foul-smelling, soft and clear.

What is the third "surya solid" — "Velesitsa"? This is — a balance of water and land. On one level, "velesitsa" — the cells that make up the tissues of the body, while the other — a liquid, providing food and the safety of these cells. In accordance with the law of common Slavic, excess "velesitsy" leads to the accumulation of mucus. If we put the water on to boil over high heat, boil the water, and the vessel will burn .. When we pour into the vessel too much water, it will flood the spill and fire.
If we throw in a jar of water a handful of river sand, these two substances are not mixed with each other, the sand will settle to the bottom of the vessel. Achieve an even distribution of sand in the water can only be under constant stirring. But "velesitsa" and is similar to a process that ensures a balance in the sinuses, nasal cavity, lung and colon. In the field of the mind, this "Surya solid" can generate stubbornness and obstinacy tunnel vision. Lack of "velesitsy" causes dryness in the airways, heartburn (due to a lack of mucus that protects the walls of the gastrointestinal tract from the destructive effects of gastric acid) and an inability to concentrate. Perhaps this is because "velesitse"
When the three "Surya corporal" balanced and in a state of harmonic balance, health is all right. In Slavic sensibly says: "" Boreas ", has the following qualities: bold, cold, heaviness, stability, density, and smoothness. "Peryn" and "velesitsa" maintain the integrity of the living human organism in its normal state and combined with each other in such a way as to make a person with his whole being has the power indriyas [senses], good complexion and undoubted longevity. The disease occurs only when there is an imbalance of the three forces. And since it is the strongest "surya solid" usually has the greatest tendency to increase, people most susceptible to diseases related to increasing its strongest "Surya's body."
To be truly healthy, you need to learn to control all elements of ancient elements that define your basic "Surya bodily": Air, Water and Fire.

Restoring "borei"
Just imagine that you — the element, the air. Air inherent in most warm and damp. We are looking for among the things around us are those which are inherent in both the heat and humidity. Draw up a list of exactly 7 days.
When learn this seemingly uncomplicated case, find a secluded place and there learn to rise above the ground, surrounding himself with the air on all sides. Throw off with myself in this place all my clothes. For what? Let as much air will touch you. Feel like coming out of your body and into it the air. He sniffs, goes inside your body and reaches the lungs. Remember that every particle of it is only for one — to breathe, and your skin — also a part of this amazing system.
Feel the air cleanses your body. Experience the extraordinary lightness, even a slight dizziness, warmth and moisture themselves become the air, "Surya bodily" "Boreas"! And now it is important to learn to control the air. To do this, imagine yourself the breeze, and then pull out his palms to each other at a short distance (15-20 cm). On the exhale, imagine the air out of you and fills a space formed by the "closed" with your hands. In order to fill this space, you need 3.5 breaths. Then breathe in the air and return to its normal state.
You are not just engaged in "breathing exercises", along with the air you breathe out all disease, all evil. Again, stretch your arms and filling the air to failure outlined by your hands space. Then imagine a big "black hole" (as they said the Slavs, "passage to the Undead") and the "push" of the space in the air in this same "hole".
After that, seal the "black hole" for all eternity. Feel the landing? You are to be congratulated on getting rid of the disease!

Restoring "Peryn"
Let's try to focus on healing "cranky" in the body "Peryn." Think of what properties the water? That's right — a cool and damp. Now try spotted around those things that exhibit these qualities. To merge with the water, you need to shake off their clothes and get into the cool water (in the bath, lake or river). Can bring a snorkel to dive deeper into the water. Feel the air leaves your body. Imagine that your body is — a huge breathing apparatus. Every part of his breathing, every pore of the skin breathe … water. Water cleanses you and goes outside. But be careful not to identify the elements of water from pervosily "Peryn" water-physical, or drown long!
And for 3 minutes a day, imagine that you are the water. Feel it flow, cool, refreshing moisture. Having experienced it in all forms. And once you learn how to be "Water."
Expel water disease
As with the ancient Slavic practices related to water, to try to banish the disease? Pretty simple. Choose the right moment and imagine yourself with Water. Raise your hands up, so that between the palms facing each other, had about 20 cm
Now imagine that holding a small keg. And as you exhale slowly draw as water flows from you, and with it all of your disease in this same barrel. It must be filled in 4-7 breaths. Once this happens, take 3 deep breaths and empty the disease away, and then return to normal.

We treat the fiery force component "Peryn"
With fire trifled with. The Slavs had special days for the fiery purification practices: December 25, March 21-25, June 22, and so-called parental days.
Disdain for the "fire-father" in the Slavic world was unacceptable because it was considered a manifestation of the essence of divine right.
Here is an ancient and most famous is required:
"Father you are the king of Fire, you're the king of all kings. Be merciful as you zharok and ardent as you zhzhesh palish and in a field of grass, ants, bowls and slums, the raw oak roots. I pray I tacos, koryusya those ka: Batyushko King Fire, burn and slept with vnutsa God's various woes and ailments, fears and stir! "
Before the fiery purification practices generally should not "eat the fruit of the tree of Al from cattle and timber home, satisfied with three schepami sodden grass field," and in a simple way — porridge, ie Slav ordered to perform cleansing of the body. But it is not a simple purification. Sacred meaning of eating grains lay in the fact that each seed was considered a symbol of the will of life. How much time was required to "sit on the porridge?" Strict time limits on this account was not in good health may be that day, 3 days a week … a period determined by the man himself, as far as possible to his faith.
After this post you have to do the following. Find the hot and dry (no steam) place. If this is not possible, arrange as close to the fire. Remove all my clothes, cover only the chest but other sensitive parts of the body. It will be very hot, but the wind should not be difficult. Concentrate on your breathing and feel the warm air enters your lungs, and out of them. Imagine that your entire body — is a huge breathing apparatus, and each time your skin breathes warmth and dryness — Fire "Peryn."
The fire goes through your body and clears it. When you exhale, he carries with him all the toxic substances, pain and suffering. But remember, this exercise is necessary, just being next to a real fire and within no more than 10 minutes. As with the implementation of this healing practice, you can easily lose track of time, better to be rewound alarm clock and then drink 1 to 2 glasses of cool, but not ice water and walk away from the heat.

Getting rid of the common cold, or the "breath of fire"
Sit back. If you want to quickly and effectively get rid of a cold, you have to learn the principles of the "fiery breath." Hold her hand to his lips and made a slow and easy exhalation to warm her exhaled air. If you did the right thing, it warmed up and palm sweating.
Now try to "burn out" a cold. Place both hands on your stomach, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Start slowly breathe in, in the bottom of the chest area, or rather, in the center of the bottom of the chest. Gain due to such exhalations warmed the whole bottom of sternum, filling it with warmth.
Now wind warm knitted scarf on her wrist. Approach the lip to the scarf or shawl over the arm and start to breathe "fire breathing" as if to himself scarf. You will feel a hot compress and heat gets inside and warm hand.
Now wrap this shawl neck and repeat. Exhale the air in the Adam's apple in the neck area. Through such exhalations you warm up the entire neck.
Interior breathe "fire breathing" of the Slavs was considered very useful: it quickly filled the warm sparkling energy of any part of the body, driving the disease.

Restoring "velesitsy"
Physical Strength "Velesitsa" — Is. in the first place, the earth, and this stone. And the healing practices of the Slavs, related to this, "Surya body", were the work of the stone.

Stone practice
Stone has always been, at least Russian of old Slavic stone. Listen to the words:
"Kolo Rhoda." "Rod begat Sedavit-star [star Rod Polaris] in the sky, and under it Alatyr Stone. And alatyr churn-knocked Milk — from oil begotten mother earth … I went up the mountain Alatyrskij. " Stones and stars — and nothing more. When the stone hits the Rhode alatyr hammer gods are born from sparks, stars in the sky rush. Lovely stone (Mountain) Alatyr surrounded by seven heavens, century reigns on it Golden — Age of supreme bliss. (This, by the way, there was a Russian proverb: "On the seventh heaven").
The Slavs it — the central point of infinite cosmos; around it, this world-axis, rotate the constellation Ursa both, the sun, moon, planets, and a host of stars. The northern slope of the mountain Alatyrskij of pure gold, the South — a sapphire, a western — of rubies, east — of pure silver. Here people live at least a thousand years, and the world is growing tree, where each of the inhabitants of stone Alatyr week gryadushey learns of his death in a series of continuous prevrasheny.
Stone was always … Life is a stone, and the stone is a life worthy of his great stone ritual …
In Russian hagiography chronically facts ritual worship stones. So, up to the XIX century in the province of Tula Odoyevski County residents were rites two large stones, the centuries-known names like bash and Bashiha. These stones can clasp hands. "It is said that a man, suffering a serious illness, cure, if, being tied … spend the night in this position" (E. Lassota, end of XVI century). Some unknown way (or the knowledge of the truth through the Great Initiates?) Slavs learned that before the rising of the sun from Basha and Bashihi come pulses of ultrasound, then fading, that the radiation is most intense and prolonged during the equinoxes, but minimally during solstices. The powerful energy flow request of affected person gets to the gods for the "direct channel of communication".
Oh, those sorcerers stone objects of cult worship of the Slavic people! That's what informed Russian ethnographers in the late XIX century in the Kharkov province to the so-called "rock babe" bring sick children.
Not every mother and in those days was ready to give his dear child into the hands of the magician, healer. Nature is the great stones fear and mistrust is not called, the Earth itself for granted and are an integral part, a part of life limitless. They — the best healers.
In Galician carousing is two-faced, "stone woman": some see it as the images and Lelia Polel, others — Dazhdbog and Lada. For centuries the ancient Slavs were scraped off from the rock particles and extracted rock dust used as a medicine.
Was with them and other "stone ritual." During a drought, "woman" that was laid on the ground, the rain is a cosmic force to beg, and excessively wet weather put your head up, again energy and information and setting it on due to the light, the light of the gods.
In the suburbs and still surrounded by rituals admiration Shutov Stone, Blue Stone, near Pereslavl and Bozh-stone near Tula. About them to this day (!) Can be seen hanging diapers, scarves, handkerchiefs, etc.
And how not to read them, not to recognize the great part of the ritual of life, if they are told about the "Book of Veles," and in the Rig Veda hymns, and in the "Book of Carols"? God Val (Velez) has turned into a great boulder and hid himself in the clouds of heaven, cow (no wonder Slavs worshiped Veles as "cattle god"), ceased to mother earth the life-giving rains. That is why Indra (Indrik) with Semargl and bartenders, at the command of the Most High God, was hit by a boulder-Velez and opened it. "And we became believers, and were with the gods …" ("Book of Veles").
How not to worship in the ritual itself Blue Star of Life, which turned Xin Plescheevo stumbling on the lake? He "sailed" to Yarilin grief to people on jets Pleshcheeva lake, it embodies the world faces one of the Most High. They say (and not say incorrectly) that Sin is self-stone to move in space, fly.
Popular rumor has it when the time Phillips struggle of Christianity with paganism stone pushed into the lake in the night miraculously returned to its original place.
In these marvelous stones people practice the following healing process. Mother drawn from a stream or river (lake), a bucket of water, pour it a stone, and then collect the water in a separate container.
This water was revered saint, it poured (consecrated) infants. Then they disguised themselves in new clothes, and left at the old stone. During the ritual pronounced zagovorny following text:
"Stan, I (name), and blessed, and I will go to the blue river. On the blue river, on a steep hill is white-combustible stone Alatyr (ie Blue-stone, Shutov stone, etc.). As the body rolled off the icy white thicker than water, so otpryan from (name) rodimaya ognevitsa (fever, fever, etc.), with thick little head, with clear eyes, with black eyebrows, white cells, with zealous heart … With the wind came — go down the drain with the water came — the water go from the forest came — the forest, go forth and forevermore. "
Stone-gods, grateful for being committed they need rituals, guarded the Russian people, warn of impending dangers. Stood in Uglich boulder — Petukhov stone — on the upper part of the trail was seen huge cock. When threatened Uglich any danger come and sit on this boulder in the way of huge cock "cattle god" Velez (patron-back) and triple crow warned residents, urging them to be vigilant. And, since the danger followed one after another, and misfortunes Uglich "hurt" was not (which is worth at least the murder of Dmitri and "Uglich affair", in which half the city went on to Siberia?), Velez-Rooster flew so often that a boulder formed a deep impression on his feet. Traces of God … Velez were grateful for the warnings and solemn ritual sacrifice stone gold and a few stalks of cereals, so-called "


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