How to make a correct death?

Love Panova — famous lovers of, clairvoyant with unique abilities. She is the author of books about the contacts with the worlds. Offer our readers a story about life after death, that love Panova got in contact with guardian angels.

There is an afterlife

All world religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) argue that our earthly life is a preparation for the one after death, a life in which the righteous go to heaven, and sinners — in Hell. Incidentally, those who believe in this or that religion is 80% of the world population. The remaining 20% (atheists), deep down, probably also realize that the death is not limited to perpetual lying in a casket in the ground.

That a man feels before death

Very few people know when and how they die. They see it in my dreams, sometimes for many years before his death. The closer the last hour, the more people became interested in the afterlife, the theme of the cemetery, death becomes his favorite.
Sometimes at night he dreams have died before his family and friends. They soothe his name for themselves, reminiscent of some of the matters that need to finish the man before he left this world.

Is the dying people is death in the hood and a scythe?

Too many see the specter of Death … After such a terrible show, even the non-believers are beginning to realize that yes — the last hour is near. Death can take many guises — the old woman, a young beauty, man …
Death as a skeleton in the hood and a scythe to no one is. This is only a fiction.

Why are people dying

Accidental deaths do not happen. When and how a man dies, it is solved in Heaven.
And as long as struck the hour of death, man is immortal. One may risk his life — to fall from the tenth floor, get under the wheels of cars, grass, hang, drown — but if not destiny, not fate.
There are millions of cases where the man was living in the most unlikely circumstances. On this occasion there is even a saying: "The shirt was born."

But if the decision is in Heaven, and struck the hour of death, the person already can not save anything. He dies, despite all the efforts and precautions.
People think that the death of a blind man leads a rock.
A feeling that Death chooses his victims at random. Young and healthy care of life first, and the old and sick live, it seems like an eternity.
Smart, kind, good people die tragically in his prime, and scoundrels, criminals and murderers live in good health into old age.

Human way of life at any moment break any accident.
Bullet, a knife, a brick on his head, disease, natural disaster, automobile accident, a nervous experience, falling … Whatever may be the cause of death, and no one is immune from it.
In fact, there is nothing accidental. Everything is under strict control.
Every man dies in that time, he earned himself. And if all the other people of his death is premature, preposterous, erroneous — it means nothing.

Who determines the date of death of the person?

This solves the Supreme Court.
He goes before the death of man, not after, as is in many religions of the world.
The Supreme Court decides — whether a person live on, or it's time to leave the earthly abode.
It also determined the exact time when it must withdraw from life, man. The hour of death can occur within a few seconds or after the trial, or in a few days.

The Supreme Court chooses which way a man die, and what will be his death.
And most importantly, convicted under the law: where a person gets after death — Heaven or Hell.
Who among the people are of the opinion that the alleged somewhere in heaven there is the Book of Destiny, which determined when and who should die. That is, each person as if from birth metered lifespan.
In fact it is not. His death every man "earns" only himself. The Supreme Court shall appoint a date over a person's death, but only sums up his life.

Where and how is the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has held all the people living on earth.
Everything — the kings and beggars, saints and murderers, babies and old people, believers and non-believers … There are no exceptions for anyone.
All judged by the same laws, Christians and Muslims, Buddhists and atheists, rich and poor, the great and the poor. One rule for all, and they do not have millions of years.
Modern people are judged in the same way as a judge of Adam and Eve.

Who are present at the judgment

Present the man himself, his guardian angels, souls of his kin (living and dead) and one of the angels of heaven.
Defendant sees them all as ordinary human figures. Including the angels.
People watching what is happening in reality, as in ordinary reality.
On one side are the angels and dead people.
On the other side — the living relatives and friends. The defendant is among the living. Across from him sat the angels and dead people.
Courtrooms set, and they are all different. There is a large, festive, ceremonial halls, filled with light. And there are dark, austere, depressing basements.
Each person was judged in the room, which he deserves.

Court Procedures

In the center sits the heavenly angels.
He declares man: "Everything. We made the decision. You must leave the Earth. Let's see how you lived …"
After these words the angels show man his life in great detail, as in the movie.
Moreover, the defendant sees all events not only for one, but also through the eyes of those around him.
It becomes clear, and who in fact belonged to him: those who loved him, who hated who helped, who cheated.
He sees all his actions — good and bad. He opened his eyes to many things.
In this case, the angels show a man not only made them mistakes, but missed opportunities.
It may look as if there was his life, if he had done the right thing and not another.
On the other hand, can see what he managed to avoid the dangers.


Lived life is estimated using the following system: on one scale as it put all the good and the good deeds done by the person on the other bowl — all the bad things, created by him. And compared.
The rating scale is very large. Depending on the evidence of "weights" a person can get either one of the seven levels of Paradise, or to one of seven levels of Hell.
And in Paradise, and Hell is and the best and worst levels. Worst level of Paradise is much better than the good level of Hell.
Gold lowest sample still worth far more than most first-class dirt.

What is Good and Evil

For goodness are all acts committed under the influence of feelings such as love, friendship, honor, respect, compassion, etc.
Evil — is an act motivated by hatred, greed, vanity, envy, cruelty, etc.
To evaluate any action, we should see what it senses guided people.
In ordinary earthly life, people often try to conceal their vices under virtue.
For, example, give your neighbor no money to help them, and to show off their wealth, to gratify his vanity, make a commercial.

Or, say, a girl, married "in love" is actually dreaming about the money her husband. That is, its action is not due to love, and self-interest.
At the High Court the real motives of actions are clearly visible. Hide nothing is impossible.
From the man on the Court do not require any explanation, justification or evidence. He just showed how it was in reality. All his thoughts, all his secret desires. He lives through all the feelings — joy, pain, sorrow, love, sorrow, happiness …

The most serious sins

The most serious sins are:
— suicide;
— murder;
— betrayal;
— theft.
And the weight of sin depends.
It's one thing when a man went on a killing to protect yourself, your family. It's quite another when the murder was committed for financial gain.

Everyone, Every action is evaluated strictly individual.
Unlike Earth Criminal Court to the Supreme Court can not bribe the judge, witnesses, or anyone else.
Man taken to heaven immediately after the decision of the Higher Forces. But the Higher Powers can give him a respite for a few hours or a few years. To, for example, a person in their own right, was able to say goodbye to all the loved ones in the world to complete the case.

For example, one mother with a child or caring for sick parents, and his death will put them all in a difficult position.

To those friends and family, with whom the dying can not say goodbye in person, it is a dream. They see a strange, disturbing dream. Only after some time, these families will learn the bitter news.
Sometimes the hour of death trump many, many years. Until next solutions Higher Powers.
All such decisions Higher Powers in life can be a maximum of three. After the first two give the delay, and the third time taken for good.

What is death?

Death — is the transition from the physical world of man in heaven.
Transition people from one world to another is strictly controlled.
In fact, dying is not easy. Even the suicide, not all suicide attempts reach their goal.
Dying without a permit can not be angels. Those suicides can commit suicide only if the Higher Powers to make it "good."

What happens at death

Gradually, the person disappears physical pain. There is complete peace and tranquility. Man sees his lifeless body as if from outside. He looks around him crying people, hear their voices, watching doctors trying to revive his body. Where the deceased person is trying to speak to the living, he finds that no one sees or hears. When he tries to touch the living, his hands freely pass through their bodies, without encountering any obstacles.

After some time, the soul goes to heaven. This happens in several ways. Everyone goes way which deserved.

By righteous people down from the top post of bright light, and their souls as it soars skyward. This is the best way.
The worst — is when a person is traveling rapidly terrible crash on a narrow black tube, the end of which dawns bright light. The other options are between these two poles. Sometimes a person goes through a dark tunnel, sometimes on the mall, sometimes climbing stairs somewhere upwards.
Finally, the soul gets to the Supreme Court. Body at this time is no sign of life, the heart does not beat, no breathing.
If a person were sentenced and he falls in either Paradise or to Hell, then the body dies completely. It grows cold, stiffens, it appears corpse spot, it starts to rot and decompose over time.

What is clinical death

It is believed that clinical death is due to a short-term heart failure. That is the heart could not stand, go haywire, and the man was on the verge of death.
Therefore, trying to bring man back to life, first begin to massage the heart.
In fact, not so.

Clinical death — it is the case that the higher forces make the decision to live or die on the person. If a person leaves a life, it comes to life.

A cardiac arrest — this is a consequence, the secondary factor. Heart, there may be 100% healthy — it still stops. Because the soul leaves the body.
Will return a person to a life does not depend on the efforts of doctors who do heart massage. It depends on the decision of the Higher Powers.

Why clinical death

After clinical death, people very different look at the world. They make sure that there is an afterlife, they cease to be afraid of his death, become kinder, more humane …
This, incidentally, is the meaning of clinical death. This is a very powerful tool used by the angels to send a person's life back on track.

A good place in the world to be earned

Note the phrase "He procured for you to this place."
What does it mean?
The fact is that a good place in the heavens are always busy. It is in Hell places abound. And in order to go to heaven, we must try much.

Every human being on earth, there is someone who is busy about him in Heaven. It is the closest in spirit to a man who died earlier. They may be a husband, wife, father, mother, cousin, friend. Kinship in spirit is more important relationship by blood.
In turn, each of us is able to choose the death of the one he would like to take with you to heaven.
You can only pick one. Typically, the choice falls on the most beloved. Not surprisingly, many tales of love end with this: "They lived happily ever after and died on the same day." In fact, one died and took with him the second.
Sometimes take with a loved one once in a day's work. Second allowed to go to heaven only after some time. Therefore, it is often the case. Two people live happily ever after. Then one of them, for example, the husband dies. After burying her husband, the wife grieves, loses interest in life, dramatically "rents", the light goes out in his eyes. And after a few months she goes with her husband to another world.

People say, "Do not suffered the bitterness of separation, the loss of it has finished …" In fact, the deceased husband took her with him. All these months he was there, in Heaven, petitioned for her and sought her permission to leave the Earth. Sometimes such a permit does not give the angels for years. For a variety of reasons. Most often, the man of whom are busy in heaven, all is not the case ended on Earth.

Long life reward or punishment?

It depends on the circumstances. If a man died early — it does not mean that he was guilty, and somewhere he was not allowed to live longer because of it. Long lonely old age brings more suffering than joy.
Man must live in the world nine lives, moving from one body to another after death. Only after that his soul is transferred to the next level. But these nine lives one should not live somehow, and with meaning. The meaning is as follows: a person must constantly solve various tasks set before him life.
Some people successfully cope with this condition and fully address the full cycle of problems — family, children, work, love, friendship … These people live happily and die in time with your family and friends.
Others make mistakes, and they are punished — either too long a lonely old age or premature death in the prime of life.

When a child dies before the age of 7 years, it is, first of all, the punishment for the parents. So, something they deserve such grief. For the very same child's early death — it is a reward. Because it is set off with the "one life. No matter who you are dead, people, children, life is still lived.

The earlier the soul will live nine lives, the better, So she had to the next level, in another world, in which a lot more fun, easier and better than we have in the world.

There, in heaven, taking into account not only the number of lives, but also their quality. A child of seven is completely sinless, pure as an angel. Dead babies after the Supreme Court will automatically go to heaven. In adults, the situation is different. Early death of an adult — or a grace of God, or God's punishment.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 9

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