Hunt for cruisers Kaiser watch online

Hunt for cruisers Kaiser watch online
Military-sea English fleet in 1914, suffered a crushing defeat from a strong German fleet at the Battle of Coronel, claimed the lives of 1,700 British seamen. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill claimed ferocious revenge. In the end, the British sank the whole German squadron, were killed during the fighting in 2200 the German sailors. Only two vessels escaped the bitter fate — Dresden and Emden. But Churchill was adamant, he proclaimed the reward for the capture of cruisers, the surviving ships subjected to massive persecution. In the middle of the icy fjords of Patagonia and the tropical waters of the South Seas team Dresden and Emden were obliged to fight for survival. New archival material relating to the decisive sea battles, naval reports and personal diaries allow us to accurately re-create the detailed sequence of events that uncompromising pursuit. In the program features interviews with descendants of the participants in those events, and military historians. Genuine surveys of marine fights and dramatic staging of the screen allow you to transfer these exciting historical events.

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