Hunters in Kamchatka is suspected of poaching

 The investigation on the Kamchatka Peninsula has opened a criminal case against the detainee in Milkovsky area of poachers, including — employee service boundary Wildlife, said the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

"During the raid police Milkovsky area, together with representatives of the regional agency of forestry and wildlife poachers detained a group at a time when they butchered two moose carcasses. Policemen seized snowmobile" Yamaha ", slug 7.62 caliber rifle" Saiga "and meat animals, "- said in a statement.

Notes during the proceedings it became clear that the detainees were illegal fishing in a big way. One paraglider tracking the migration routes of animals from the air. Then reported the coordinates of an accomplice — Inspector Service for the Protection of Wildlife and state nature preserves Kamchatka.

"Hunters to record information about the location of the animals in the Navigator and went back. He produced a shooting, and then the place went moose uboiny assistants involved butchering carcasses of dead animals," — said the AMIA.

A criminal case under article "Illegal hunting in a group with the use of technology", which provides up to two years in prison. Hunters will have to answer even under the abuse of power. Sanction this Article provides for up to four years in prison, the police informed.

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