I visited one of the countless worlds

In the seventies of the last century in the Krasnodar region accelerated pace was tunneling under the ridge of the roll, which should be linked, and eventually tied the two railway stations — Extreme gap and Chilipsi. The construction of this, despite the fact that the technology penetration in hard soil were worked to perfection, went with unmotivated slip.

MPS USSR Commission, tasked to investigate the reasons Delays important facility construction, making sure that people are working at full capacity, the shock, the government introduced a corresponding report. Then on the personal instructions of LI Brezhnev investigation "Tuapse turmoil" — so in a veiled form of the phenomenon tunnel — engaged ubiquitous KGB supervised by Vice-President, General SK Tsvigun.

Here is what happened most unexpected — that does not fall under the competence of the security services. It was found that in successive incredible incidents not blame any architects, engineers, technicians, workers, and blame-powerful time, quite arbitrarily change its course in monoliths of soil and stone. Of course, the information was immediately classified. Virtually all people who have had direct or indirect relation to the sinking, took receipt of the NDA.

Gone are the years. Participants of old events at first timidly, then boldly, talking. Their testimony briefly but exhaustively commented once part of a team of investigators KGB colonel I. Karamazin:

— It's not hard to believe, and if believed, is difficult. But — a small part of a large, completely insane truth, to which we, unfortunately, though attracted reputable scientists, then could not get to the bottom. Could not yet because it was not safe.

Often taking on the tragic paradox of time painting, when it accidentally disturbed "nodes", and the very "nodes", the former superintendent of construction, NE Duhovichny says the following:

— In his lifetime, most of which went underground in the mines, I've seen enough of all. Miracles of these, however, were of a purely natural, and they can be read in the essays of metro builders and miners. The tunnel, which are laid near Tuapse, things were very different. Crumbling stone, suddenly encountered the winding or straight, these cylinders emptiness inside perfectly polished, coated with something like black glass. Diameter cavities were as pipes of water mains, going nowhere, abutting against the impenetrable stone slabs. Surprisingly, however, despite the perfect tightness in the cylinders of the always present tangible air turbulence. Stearine candles, diesel fuel soaked rags scraps always went out as if someone was blowing the fire, not letting on. And that's not all.

Four of our drifters once out of curiosity, decided to spend a lunch break, sitting close to the country's system of cylinders, and … disappeared. Fortunately, not all. On the third day of searching back and tell yourself that flashed a bright light, a removable gray dreary fog, in which they briefly wandered until they came to us. They swore that we did not see, did not hear their voices, they are seeing and hearing us, to pass freely through any physical barriers, through us, too. They panicked. It is unclear how, once again found themselves in the cylinders. Whence came in the guise of normal people, only the beginning of flexible, slippery, small.

Our comrades lucky. In a parallel change of two drifters in front of the work, being close to the cylinder, turned into mist. They sucked like a stone. Forever. I saw the place of their death. The gray looked through the rock covered with a thick layer of limestone recess contours of the human body. Such strange and terrible depressions when driving, we found a few.

What does this mean? Then I would not even know. Now sure thick pristine, undisturbed by man lands were constantly on the move, wandering "nodes" of Time, opening like a giant funnel moves to other worlds.

First, for fear that they will take for the abnormal, I do not share with anyone impressions of being in one of these, numerous, worlds. Now I will say boldly. I've been there. Brought out that bad, crazy experience. And, well, wandering there, I secretly knew that, by earthly standards, rapidly youthfulness. Yet, having escaped from the trap of time, I was saved. Had stayed there simply would have burned, merged with others, red-hot as the sun, energy.

Other worlds — is the other levels of existence, where time flows differently only. It is rather to make alive, to kill, to create life forms alien, even hostile to us.

Can I take it on faith Duhovichny revelation? Apparently, you can. After all, in other worlds he wandered alone. Similar impressions tamoshnem device, "filling in different directions of time", also shared engineer SS Bezverkhy, during Gorbachev's perestroika, unsuccessfully tried to attract the attention of party bodies and academic institutions to "irrational underground reality." How could he know Dear Sergei Sergeyevich, that from his "signals" are not dismissed. His testimony is scrutinized, analyzed the best minds of Soviet physics.

Bezverkhy died two years ago in Gomel. One of his stories as presented by Colonel I. Karamazina looks like this:

Bezverkhy insisted that not a single word is lying. Instead, we suspected him of conspiring with Duhovichny. We thought that they show off to avoid responsibility for failure of terms commissioning. However, after seeing how teams working devotedly drifters, visiting areas of the cylinders of time, both scientists and security officers involved in an unfinished tunnel, radically changed views on what is happening. Near these holes, microscopic tunnels, not only ugly feel worse, but it was noticeable how high visibility in the dark radiant energy flux carried away out of sight various objects. For example, I could not keep the wrist watch. Strap stretched, torn, fell at his feet. Gold-plated mechanical watch vanished into thin air. A fact that can not be wished away. Who pranks? Where is the answer?

Or here. With the goals of workers, if the wind blows off, disappearing plastic helmets with lights, and with a belt — batteries. There were problems with the rubber boots, coveralls and rubber. They missed seven or eight hours, then crumbled to dust. That degrade the strong material? Unclear.

Insurmountable problems arose with the parts and mechanisms of the machine, made using copper, brass and bronze. There was. Everything works fine. You hear a whistle, followed by grinding. Mechanisms stopper. Cause mechanics, locksmiths. Those look and say that the details of the non-ferrous metals are removed, stolen. By whom? For what? None of the outsiders in the mine was not. Again, therefore, forced to stop drilling. Again deadlines postponed. Poor, who argues, but does not compare with the disappearance of a long time or forever man. Disappeared as my subordinate Alex collars. Benefit not for long. Half an hour.

Walking beside me on a brightly lit highway for trucks exporting rock. We are almost touching elbows. Takes a step to the side. I did not see it. Search useless. All around great sight. Standing, waiting, worried. Appears without a helmet and lantern. Where were you? Says he does not go anywhere. Dozed off on the run, stumbled and fell into some kind of a water-filled pit. Together seek the pit. No it has never been here.

Bezverkhy, with whom I have spoken many times, in contrast to the Gate kov their vision with the disappearance from the face and up to the back somehow, but remembered. I listened to him, in fact little to surprise. He insisted that the main thing for him was to "run away, do not stay there, be sure to come back."

Returning from "there" is always mentioned luminous cellular structures, "enclosing one from the other." The colonel and his colleagues from the KGB tried to find out what the "one thing" and what is "different."

Clear answers, they did not. People insisted: "The local light dead, motionless and dangerous because it destroys a living by breaking into atoms." Bezverkhy elaborated: "The local light — not that other, as time freely permeates all things, including our planet. In places, the concentration of naturally-formed narrow burrow tunnels and traps that are likely to get targeted objects of the material world, including — the people. " ID Karamazin concludes: — Based on personal experience, experienced Bezverkhy correctly identified the purpose of the tunnels in the form of cylinders with a beginning, but no outputs.

Such facilities in the world, there are thousands. There they are in the U.S., Mexico, Turkey, Paraguay, Peru, Bulgaria and in other countries. The information that I have, is true and that the "arrow of time" with their enormous energy potential when the nodes converge to form underground glassy cylinders. The sudden disappearance of people, in which old and accused the forces of hell, and now accuse the pilots of UFOs, apparently triggered by concentrations of energy bursts of time.

This conclusion and the scientists involved in the study of the phenomenon of tunnel roll. It is regretted that after the Soviet Union and there was no material and intellectual resources to pursue exciting interesting research.

Indeed, sorry. Recall the words of Einstein, who called time conductor of the fate of the universe and its particles — humanity. Americans, Japanese, French, Chinese, unlike us, the subject of knowledge is not the norm turned glassy. Strictly classified. If you have something to hide, then there are open.

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