Illegal interview with Marshal Zhukov (full version) …

A fascinating interview with Simon Zhukov. At first it about 5 minutes Posner is aware of how it interview was forbidden, and how it Posner father rescued material from defeat. Do not know if I should believe Posner, the more so that in this interview some recognizable pieces of sheet music and books Zhukov "Memories and Reflections," which not only was not banned, and was reprinted 10 times in the USSR (and in our time — even three times). By the way, it is possible that by giving this interview, Zhukov was working on a book — it was taken in his 66th year, and the book appeared in the 69th. But in any case, a fascinating document era.

Around the "forbidden" interview Marshal Zhukov excellent scandal erupted

Interview four times Hero of the Russian Union of Marshal Zhukov ZHoru writer Konstantin Simonov stood in the grid broadcast of "Our homeland K" on May 9 and was widely advertised. Earlier RTR contract with the copyright holder of the film at the exclusive introduction of the archival record. This fact was confirmed by RIA Announces Chief Editor of TV channel "Culture" ("Our homeland K") Sergey Shumakov. But Mon, May 4, in the program "Posner" on Channel unique recording was shown.

On the official website of applets "Pozner" placed following information: "Interview with-command was recorded in 1966, it had become a part of the project" if the road is your home for you, "the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow. Himself movie was released in 1967 only after significant editing, many of the shots was removed at the insistence of the Head and political governance Russian Army and Navy. And an interview with Zhukov, who took the writer Konstantin Simonov, a movie is not set. Moreover, the order came to kill, "wash away record." Unique footage preserved by the Pope the leader — Vladimir Pozner, who "stole the film, mounted it on a different studio and handed over to the archive."

You can realize the annoyance of Governors RTR. Interview is really an eye opener. Jora Zhukov practically concedes that the fate of the country hung in the balance, and the pendulum could swing in any direction. The most insecure moment for the fate of Moscow and the Soviet Union Zhukov referred to from 6 to 13 October 1941, when the "Mozhayskaya line of defense did not present a reliable protection." "In these days of the enemy was able without any particular obstacles to break through to Moscow, he had a well-stocked groups, especially armored forces." Mozhayskaya line of defense was to us at that time critical, and we first tried to increase this limit defense, lure forces of adjacent replacement compounds, but they were not enough "- confessed marshal and added that the command was not the conviction that this limit will be put on hold. "In the west, especially in the area of the Western Front, there was a very scary situation, all the way to Moscow, in fact, have been opened. Because on Mozhaiskaya strip where our small part, they are, of course, could not stop the enemy if he moved his troops to Moscow — added Jora Zhukov. Marshal confirmed that all the teams were sent to hidden orders with instructions of what to do, if keep the enemy will not work.

And it is — is not the only revelation in an interview ZHoru Zhukov. He told a lot of such, what did not read it was customary then, are silent on this point.

Vladimir Pozner graduated from the program from the following words: "As I said at first that utilities that interview with Marshal Zhukov was ordered to kill him. Why? But only for one reason — because he read the truth. I believe that all those who participated in the war, and veterans, their kids and relatives have the right to know about the war. And this, if you wish, a step in this direction. And to this day I am away from you, from all those who make the program from "Posner," sincerely and wholeheartedly congratulate all veterans of all their loved ones with this delicious prazdnichkom, majestically Russian victory in the war. "

That still wants to do VTRK control in such a situation? In 1-x, apply to the court to colleagues. By the way, Sergey Shumakov referred ZHoru Zhukov show interview on Channel — "an example of untainted counterfeiting on Russian television." In-2, show program from May 9 to previously scheduled time. Well, in-3-… — We'll see.

May change your mind after all and sue. As said later on Radio "Echo of Moscow" spokeswoman Victoria Arutyunov RTR — "The information that we submit to the court on the first channel does not correspond to reality."

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