Imitation elections — it's better than nothing

Our listener shared his opinion about the time on the radio speeches of candidates.

"I live in the area of" Khrushchev ", home to the elderly. Today, out into the yard, which shows the window of eight houses. The time was 6:30 am this time speeches of the candidates for president. Among the hundreds of dark windows lights were only single. Substantially all of the elderly population in this time sleeps. And in the evening, from 19 th to 20 th — time series, which has already got used, you do not want to miss a single series.

I think that the performance of candidates elected on the radio power is very fortunate for the electorate, it may not have to worry. "

Audience different assessments to candidates' speeches. An all like others have expressed criticisms.

"It's performance of Victor Tereshchenko. Trying to understand graphs, default, gross domestic product — nothing is clear. Came after: it's not for the people, but rather the ability of people to pay attention to this higher economic miracle, which only he can do. When traveling companion Einstein asked to explain what the theory of relativity, he asked me: "The three hairs on his head — a lot or a little?" — "Little" — said the neighbor. — "And in the soup — it's a lot?" It's that simple. What , peasants and villagers were able to understand these charts? Of course not. "

Other Our listener, looking statements candidates came to the conclusion that the more candidates, the better.

"All the same, well, that is fraught with the candidates. Elections — this is a farce, and the speeches of the candidates look interesting. This would be one candidate, dismissed — and no one would have noticed it. And they still serve ten consecutive days on television, on radio, and you have on-line conferences. When the election is not, and imitation of elections — it's better than nothing.

And today, like Yaroslav Romanchuk, well, just good! So well behaved, very well built his statement. Tereshchenko too much. Although I do not understand everything in the economy and may not agree with everything, but it was still interesting to listen to. Especially when he said a second time that will be abolished damn contract system.

I also want to say that Mr. Statkevich worth doing all the action in Belarusian. And the rest I have not looked, but I really praised Sannikov Kastusiou, Rymasheuski. "

These calls are commenting policies Vintsuk Vyachorka:

Vintsuk Vyachorka

"People are happy to see someone other than Lukashenko on the screen. Think that this joy should not have a direct relationship to the presidential campaign.

It simply confirms that in Belarus there is no free media, that if they were free or semi-free, they would have to pay attention to the existence of someone in this country other than Lukashenko, and not just in the presidential elections, and and constantly pay attention to the fact that there are politicians, there are political forces, different parties with their views are reasonable or not people of local ethnic leaders are doing something concrete help to people in conflict and not to help — which is also covered a free media, which has the best controller of the public. "

Our listener believes that the candidates say little about their program, it is necessary to talk about his team, if there is one.

"Listen carefully to the speeches of the candidates. Said about the program, almost no one talks about his team. Very important to me, what program and what team. Would be desirable, if you have to ask questions to the candidates that was the question: who is your team?"

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