In Aviastar-SP, construction of Il-76MD-90A

In "Aviastar-SP", construction of Il-76MD-90A. The first flight model will soon be put under the current.

The enterprise involving all labor and the most modern production technology. Currently works on the airframe, systems installation and maintained equipment. Completed grade cabins pilot and navigator. Made efforts to ensure and test for leaks fuselage compartments.

"Under the current formulation is meant by the following: on-board installation of all manufactured and electroplaits elektrokorobok, held their continuity and voltage spetstokami from the bench. Further systems are tested on ground power and gidrostendov " — According to Deputy General Director of JSC "Aviastar-SP" Valery Tokarev.

After the completion of all work in the production of final assembly flight model will be referred to the test.

    For the record:

    Il-76MD-90A is an extensively modified version of the well-reputed IL-76MD, which was produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent Aviation Association. Chkalov. Developer — OJSC "IL". The manufacturer — "Aviastar-SP".

    New flight control and navigation system, automatic control system, communications system, and "glass" cabin meet all current requirements for aircraft avionics and increase the safety, accuracy, Navigation and landing. Replacement staff of D-30KP2 more modern PS-90A-76, the installation of a modified wing and reinforced chassis greatly enhance the operational capabilities of the aircraft.

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