In Balykina ransacked in the case of an explosion on July 4

In the night from 26 to 27 November, representatives of law enforcement officers raided the apartment of a businessman and journalist Sergei Balykina.

They produced a search warrant about its possible relationship to the explosion on the night of 3 to 4 July 2008. According Balykina, the warrant was issued without warrants, on operational need. During the search, the police were looking for explosives. As a result, seized four mobile phones and a computer. Thereafter Sergei Balykina taken to the police station May Day "for a chat", where he was held until 4:00 am.

Balykin"They asked about my political views, for my friendship to the UCP of my trips abroad, with whom I meet there and how often I go there, they asked, I execute some tasks on the orders of foreign intelligence services. Also asked what I was doing on July 3. I was told that my psychological profile, as well as some posts on the forums that I am supposed to write, suggest that I may have to do with this explosion or even be this artist. Like, my psychological profile coincides with the psychological portrait of this artist. "

I was told that my psychological profile cvedchyts that I can relate to this explosion.

Sergei Balykin called the actions of the KGB and militia illegal and plans to file a complaint with the prosecutor's office. He did not rule out that such actions are related to the fact that he refused to be fingerprinted. He also did not rule out that "it was an attempt to intimidate."

"I do not take part in the election campaign, I dystantsyyanavavsya of all the candidates. I do not believe in this election, but perhaps the reason for this was a critical article about the Belarusian economy, my performances in the Russian media, they asked why I work with the "Belsat" to give them some comments. "

Sergei Balykin signed a protocol in which at He said, came "only a small amount of data explanation, which concerned the fact that I do not know and do not have any information as to who could have done this explosion and involvement in the explosion have not. In this time I was in Paris and Strasbourg. "


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