In Belarus and thunderstorms before 32

Today Belarus is under the influence of an anticyclone centered over Western Ukraine. Until the end of the day will remain clear, dry weather. Wind unstable weak. The maximum temperature is expected to +22 ° C in the north of the republic to +28 ° C in the south.
In the next day, May 31, anticyclone will gradually shift to the Upper Volga, while maintaining a decisive influence on the weather of Belarus. From the south-easterly winds in the country rushes very warm air mass from the territory of Ukraine. Expected to partly sunny. No precipitation. Morning in parts of foggy. Wind night unstable weak afternoon southwest 3-8 m / s. Minimum air temperature at night +9 .. +15 ° C, maximum daytime from +25 ° C in the north to +30 ° C in the south. Pressure at night will not change, the day will slightly decrease.
June 1, Belarus weather will determine the area of high atmospheric pressure formed in the air mass, tropical origin. Expected to be very warm, at 3-6 ° C above normal weather. Without precipitation, only a day in the south there is a possibility of short rains and thunderstorms. Minimum air temperature at night +13 .. +18 ° C, maximum 26 day from the north-east to +32 ° C in the south of the country.
June 2 air pressure has dropped considerably. To the territory of our republic awaiting a fragile humid air masses Black Sea origin. Predicted partly cloudy. Intermittent rain in places, thunderstorms. The minimum air temperature at night +13 .. +18 ° C, maximum day +25 .. +32 ° C.

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