In Biysk Altai construction of energy-efficient block

  • Energy-efficient layout quarter
  • Energy-efficient layout quarter

In Biysk Altai construction of energy-efficient district in the framework of the regional targeted program to resettle people from emergency housing fund financed with the participation of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services.

All of the building of a new residential complex will be energy efficiency class "A". In new buildings provides for efficient forced-air ventilation with mechanical drive and installing heat recovery systems.

Heating homes will be highly efficient with low water temperature. Indoor climate system is provided with the ability to control the temperature and humidity of the air and the volume of air entering and removed by suction and exhaust system.

The buildings will install solar collectors for heating and hot water. Heating network will be made of corrugated stainless steel pipes pre-insulated high-performance thermal insulation and water supply — from organic polymeric materials.

The system provides for the disposal of sewage effluent heat. Street lighting and lighting of public spaces — LED powered by solar panels.

In the quarter capacity for a single control center apartment complex. The Center includes: heating unit, an automated system for monitoring consumption and energy savings, water in the block, control of energy flows, water-line, collecting metering data in the district, street lighting control, control parameters and comfortable living environment, including control ambient air pollution and noise pollution, pollution control waste, security control, single center CCTV area, accounting for all types of energy, data from electricity meters in online mode and send them through the controller to the control center neighborhoods and residents via the Internet and SMS . In all engineering systems quarters planned to use electrical equipment with low power consumption. Power consumption of electric motors will be adjusted according to the load by means of frequency converters. Also provided in the homes of the separate collection of waste, with the possibility of further processing.

It is planned that the construction of new energy-efficient block will be completed in December 2012.

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