In Dagestan, a new social network

Perhaps another barrier — the language, the last day of a barrier to communication users in the Internet, under the impact of information technology destroyed. In early April, in Makhachkala in the Russian theater presentation of a unique social network GODUDU.COM.

The capital of Dagestan, the first in this number is no accident (the launch is planned in other countries). Developers a unique social network, according to the organizers of the presentation to team Dagestani (his name is not called).

Now bloggers and just regulars online forums using the social network GODUDU.COM are no problems, that is, without the knowledge of foreign languages, start dating all over the world, for example, with the Chinese, English, French or Arabs. How to do it? Very simple. Come to the site, are registered, create your personal page, go to the forum and write your comment. In what language? Does not matter. On what you want. The system GODUDU.COM online all this will translate into the language of the interlocutor. It is the way to you: Good morning on his own, and you will get the answer: Good morning!

Dialogues interlocutors network — this is no ordinary word translation dictionary that distorts the meaning and precise and perfect form of transfer, able to convey the true meaning, energy and emotion interlocutor.


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