In Dagestan, the index of industrial production for the past year amounted to 100.4%

Over the past three years, a positive trend in industrial production mainly provide machine-building enterprises that are involved in the fulfillment of the state defense order.

 Level mining was 96.9%, Manufacturing — 102.7%.

Efforts were intensified to participate in federal programs, that is, a 2-fold increase in the number of engineering companies, participating in these programs.

Implemented control scheme and the distribution of these funds, which allowed largely exclude possible acts of corruption by making the process more transparent at the municipal and local levels, resulting in a sharp decrease in the number of complaints and claims of individuals and businesses.

Also proposed to build on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan, a liquefied natural gas, the creation of the park cryogenic tanks for the storage and transportation of LNG, as well as the infrastructure for LNG regasification and sale to the end user. Realization of this project will significantly reduce the costs to complete gasification of settlements of the republic, and address the issue of non-payment for the consumed gas.

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