In Dnipropetrovsk region parents were able to pre-enroll the child in any kindergarten


In Dnipropetrovsk region parents were able to pre-enroll your child in kindergarten any region over the Internet. This is made possible by the introduction of the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine's first comprehensive regional system of registration of children in kindergartens of the Internet. Governor Alexander Vilkul introduced the system on the example of kindergarten № 292 in Dnepropetrovsk.

"The system of electronic registration set up in the framework of the project" e-kindergarten ". On 1 September 2012, the project has already started work Web sites of all 927 pre-school institutions in the region. They posted the information about educational programs, educators, including 3D-presentation of each institution through which the comfort of your home, you can make a virtual tour of the kindergarten. Thus, parents were able to choose the World Wide Web for your child that kindergarten is suitable for a residence, place of employment, educational programs, etc. And in December 2012, the project introduced electronic registration of children in kindergartens. So now is the Dnipropetrovsk parents were also an opportunity in the on-line pre-enroll your child in a preschool favorites them, "- said Alexander Vilkul.

In order to obtain the necessary information on nursery schools in the region, should visit the Unified Educational Center Dnipropetrovsk ( He combined in a single information and educational space Provincial Department of Education, all city and county departments and the Department of Education, educational institutions in the region, including kindergartens.

Through the aforementioned portal you can go to any garden site to learn more about the preschool, including to carry out a virtual tour of it. Also go to the website, you can use the kindergarten learning portal Dnipropetrovsk ( On it in the "Electronic pre-school," posted an interactive map of the area. Parents can choose to map the settlement and go to the selected garden. After the final selection of a certain garden parents can go to the online registration site 

To submit electronic application, you must first register on the site you need to fill out a form, which specifies the details of the child, including the surname, first name, date of birth, place, the desired year of enrollment in pre-school child. You must specify the place of birth, address and registration of the child's residence address, as well as necessary — serial number of the certificate of birth of the child. These data are needed to verify the uniqueness of the information entered.

To confirm the information specified in the application, parents must be made within 10 working days from the date of submission of the application to apply to the Department of Education with the original documents (passport applicant's birth certificate, proof of availability of benefits, if any), or attach to an application scanned copies of the above documents. Also for feedback on the form filled data on one of the parents of the child.

After registration and verification of the original documents or copies of the scan information contained in the electronic application, the data of the child shall be entered into the electronic system with an individual number.

Next, parents and experts in education departments are on-line through the Internet to monitor the process to enroll a child in kindergarten favorites

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