In Donetsk, the advent of modern children’s hospital


In Donetsk, 14.12.2011, opened after reconstruction 1st City Children's Hospital, which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary. The press service of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.


At this point in the establishment of a fully completed overhaul yesterday, December 14, deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Head of the Department of Health Petryaeva Elena took part in his inauguration.

According to Elena Petryaeva, the new hospital has become a modern medical complex for young people of Donetsk. In the wards and treatment rooms institutions have the most modern equipment, and the environment in which children are treated, are some of the best in Ukraine.


Under the overhaul of the hospital was renovated roof, replacement of any and all utilities, windows and doors, renovated facade with modern energy-saving materials, and the full interior decoration of all rooms. In addition, as part of the reconstruction was carried out landscaping of the adjacent territory, and in the spring of next year, the patio is undeveloped area with the installation of playgrounds and sports fields.

Also for the institution was purchased brand new medical equipment: ultrasound machine, capable of diagnosing cerebral hemorrhage, ECG, emergency breathing apparatus, X-ray machines to cross 6 people per hour, fibrogastroscopy, integrated laboratory equipment for research testing of patients (computerized). In a separate building taken out oxygen station and bought two new devices which convert air into oxygen for children in the event of a power station, which allows you to operate smoothly throughout the complex.

Finally, for all hospital acquired new furniture, office equipment, air conditioners, soft and hard products, equipment for catering department.

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