In Dovolensky district of the Novosibirsk region of Russia brought a rare breed of sheep

These rare breed sheep — Romanov. We arrived in the village quite due Ural Mountains of the Ivanovo region. This thoroughbred breeding cattle-breeders investors sought throughout Russia.

 In order not to make the wrong choice, hooked scientists. Each lamb examined by specialists from Agricultural Academy.

Today kashar fifty six lambs. But multiply quickly romanovtsy — nine lambs per sheep. On this and do in the area of the basic rate. By 2020, this population is expected to reach 20,000 Kashary goals. This is despite the fact that today all over Russia romanovtsev only twelve thousand. Sheep will not only meat but also for the production of skins. And in the dream to deal not only with dressing. The closed cycle — from production of meat and semi-finished products to sew clothes and shoes.

One of the main tasks that put today in the district administration to the investor — is the emergence of new jobs. In the local employment center on the account is more than three hundred people. Most are former herders, milkmaids and POYARKOV. Now these people have a chance to get not only a new job, but also accommodation. The plans of the new sheep-breeding farm — the construction of a sheep in the whole village with housing for workers, infrastructure, fields for grazing and workshops for tailoring.

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