In Dudinka received two new ambulances

In Dudinka received two new ambulances to replace the route obsolete machinery, the press service of the territorial government.

Ambulances based on the car "Gazelle", produced in Nizhny Novgorod, meet all state standards and the requirements for this special equipment. They are equipped with modern fuel injected engines have a high cross, equipped with self-contained room heater heaters and starting the engine. For comfortable transportation of patients in the vehicle is provided with air conditioning, safety belts provide movement established, including for medical salon chairs. 

According to the chief doctor of the central district hospital Taimyr Natalia Morozova, in accordance with the procedure of providing emergency medical care received cars are also equipped with defibrillators, oxygen concentrators, modern electrocardiographs, humidifiers and resuscitation bags. "With the commissioning of new equipment, emergency medical assistance to the population will be provided better and faster," — said Natalia Morozova. We add vehicles purchased by the budget of the municipal district. The cost of one machine with delivery to Dudinka — 1 million 800 thousand rubles.

Note today fleet ambulance Dudinki has seven emergency vehicles, four of them go out on patrol every day. The new cars will replace the outdated counterparts not only on intercity route, but will also carry out the delivery of patients from hospitals to hospitals Dudinki Norilsk industrial district.

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