In Egypt, the children found the sarcophagus of the period of the 17th Dynasty

Children's wooden sarcophagus, and a collection of Ushabti figurines have been found in Egyptian tombs study Djehuty commander on the west bank of Luxor.

While on the mummy showed no signs, but inside was found a mummy, archaeologists believe that it belonged to a child who died during the 17th Dynasty.

Next to the sarcophagus, researchers found some wooden bowls with Ushabti figures, made of wood and wrapped in cloth.


Children sarcophagus painted with white paint, scientists have dated 1550. BC He was older than burial of General Djehuty (1500 — 1450 gg. BC). According zhelezyaka, researchers attribute this to the fact that the tombs are often created on the site of old graves.

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