In Europe, pedophilia has reached epidemic proportions

The State Duma on Wednesday is going to appeal to the head of the Government with a request to significantly tighten requirements in the adoption of Russian children by foreign citizens. Hhe most severe laws against pedophiles in Western Europe and North America. And in recent years, the authorities tightened them only.

In Canada, the names of pedophiles are entered into a national registry of offenders and prohibit them for at least a decade to appear in parks, playgrounds, schools, swimming pools — anywhere where there may be children.

In the United States maniac data are publicly available. At special sites publish their names, photos and addresses. Immigration and Customs Enforcement United States catches pedophiles, human traffickers, pornography and sex tourism, under the auspices of the Ministry there is an international project, "" Operation Predator "," which protects the rights of children in Latin America.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed a law requiring offenders whose victims were children under 12 deserve a prison sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment. And those few who do are free, but are required to wear an electronic sensor life. The new law was passed after a while after the two girls killed on the books pedophiles.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy went even further. Last year, he proposed to strengthen accountability for the crimes of a sexual nature. A pedophile is faced with a choice — either to stay in jail forever, or undergo chemical castration, which, incidentally, applies for a year in the UK. Moreover, the perverts who want to be released, will have to undergo a thorough medical examination at the special hospital. Even castrated pedophiles will be free from restraint only after doctors reliably determine that they are safe for the environment. Those lucky enough to leave the special hospitals, as well as in America, will be required to wear special electronic bracelets and report regularly to the police. In addition, Sarkozy has proposed eliminating pedophiles eligible for early release from prison.

Similar laws are already in place in several countries, such as Sweden and Denmark. And there is amazing statistics: the number of repeat offenders, pedophiles fell by 8 times. Meanwhile, the EU allocates € 55 million for the development of a special program that will keep track of the web all those places where child pornography. The purpose of the project — to create a database of illegal conduct throughout the World Wide Web in order to be able to deal with pedophiles across the world.

Of course, these measures are necessary, but, apparently, too late. Pedophilia in Europe has already reached epidemic proportions. Operations to seize child pornography conducted by police EU at least 5-6 times a year, but the number of those arrested and the amount seized photographic and video material is not reduced but is growing. The number of detainees in the hundreds, and the number of child porn — terabytes. If you believe the statistics, increasing the number of minors involved in sex work: in the EU, according to various estimates, their number ranges from 100 to 250 thousand people.

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