In Eyske tried a new runway

The pilots of naval aviation in Eyske tried a new runway. Three kilometers long and 100 meters wide — it can take all the world's airplanes of any severity.

Center deployment and retraining crews of naval aviation on the basis of Yeisky flight school opened three years ago. There attend refresher pilots of all parts of naval aviation. While training takes place at the usual TU-134, TU-154 and L-39.

It tells the deputy head of the flight-methodical department of naval aviation Vitaliy Pugach, in naval aviation are taken trained pilots. "The main task — is to teach the young pilot, to make him a fighter aircraft," — said Vitaly Pugach.

In the center of the deployment and retraining crews of naval aviation airfield reconstruction has already begun, will soon be renovating school buildings. Now comes a new arms transport equipment, helicopters, and in the future naval aviation.

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