In Fokino (Bryansk region) opened FLC (+ video)

Launched built back in the 1990's sports facility in the neighborhood Shibenets commissioned. Health Complex today has become the largest sports facility in the region.


Complex Shibentse cement manufacturers have started to build in 1995. Then they abandoned the non-core object that was passed in the regional property. Due to the chronic lack of funds the construction was stopped several times. But after a while the newly reopened. And then, finally, the object is ready.


"It created the conditions for practicing almost all the popular sports of all kinds of martial arts, which are cultivated in Bryansk. At the pool will be able to go swimming people with disabilities. Enough to build a FLC, it is important that it teems with life," — said the head of the region Nikolai Denin , which held at the new sportobekte meeting on the development of children and professional elite sport, sports management and media work, construction of health facilities and their further use.


To learn how to work today regional sports federations, the challenges they face, which help provide them with the authorities and sponsors, said well-known athletes and their coaches, representatives of executive and legislative power in the region.

According to Nikolai Denin, for the last 6 years by the regional and federal budgets, and with the involvement of socially responsible business, mainly of "Gazprom", renovated and built more than 45 sports facilities. Construction of four of them was started back in the 90's of last century, some — in the early 2000s.


At present, almost completed the construction of the ski slopes in the Soviet district of Bryansk, the first phase of a sports center with swimming pool in Pohar, a fitness center in Mglin. The construction of sports centers in Suponevo Bryansk region, Zhukovka Komarichev. In 2011, the construction of an extension to the pool in Klimovo, a sports complex with ice rink with 300 seats in Trubchevsk, tennis center and swimming pool in Bryansk near the sports complex "Bryansk". Generally in the region is the construction of 15 sports facilities. Designed sports centers of martial arts in Bryansk, Phocas in Viewing Klintsovsky Buda area and Suraż, Suzemka Stadium.

As the Governor, capital investments in sports facilities are more than 200 million rubles. Money is allocated properly, despite the economic and financial difficulties. "But we are well aware that even such a large-scale construction of sports facilities while unable to meet the needs of the population in the physical culture and sports services. Remind you that today the security of the inhabitants of the Bryansk region gyms is 26 percent, the planar structures — 40 percent, while only 3 percent of pools of the regulatory requirements, "- marked the most acute problem of the head of the sports industry.

According to the governor, the construction of new facilities would increase their one-time bandwidth of more than 4500 people per shift, provided new jobs for more than 450 people in the region, and restored sites were employed another 350 people.

In 2011, the number of residents in the area, regularly engaged in physical culture and sports, and was more than 15 percent, while in 2004 there were only 9 percent. The leadership of the Regional Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the task in the years to reach the milestone of 35 percent regularly engaged in physical culture and sports.

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