In Germany, the fraudsters are cheating migrants from Russia

  • Germany Germany German police police plan
  • Germany Germany German police police plan

New trick scams aimed specifically at Russian workers found more than 100 victims in North Rhine-Westphalia.

According to police, the fraudsters call exclusively for older people, who are known that they were speaking in Russian. They are represented by lawyers or police, telling the story of the victims, which is to get them to pay the money. Usually this is the story that a relative of the victim was the cause of the accident in which the injured child. From prison can protect themselves only large sum of money.

To present the situation more believable, another con artist plays the role of a relative who in tears asked to pay money. Then it all happens in a classic case "with the grandkids." Apparent relative trustee takes money from the victim. That is too late to realize what happened.

The story of the accident is a person shock, which does not allow him to realize that he was the victim of fraud. Police strongly advises not to respond to such calls, reports Euromag with reference to Waltroper Zeitung.

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