In Grozny, the opening of an industrial enterprise

In Grozny, the opening of the Research and Production Enterprise Ltd "Energy Plus" —joint project of the Grozny State Oil Technical University. Academician MD Millionschikova and GUNPP "Promavtomatika"

The company will specialize in the design and manufacture of high-tech products, such as digital counters for the needs of IDGC of the North Caucasus.

At the initial stage of a single shift working day here will produce up to 5,000 units a month, created 50 new jobs, with a subsequent increase to 200.

In the long term, LLC "Energy Plus" plans commercial production of three-phase energy meters, gas consumption metering, as well as LED and lighting.

Kadyrov has congratulated the people of the region with the opening of a new high-tech enterprise direction.

"The fact that in our country today are open enterprise, is the sign of a serious development in the region. It is also important that our Petroleum University recovers to its former glory and will be implemented at this facility to their projects. In the near future, we will negotiate with the interregional distribution grid company, and the products will be supplied to businesses across the North Caucasus. This will not only increase the volume of production, but will also create more jobs, "- said Kadyrov.

According to the Minister of Industry and Energy of the Czech Republic Taimaskhanov Halas, the products that will be produced by LLC "Energy Plus", is new to the country.

"I would like to note that the product that will produce this venture is the first of a new history of the Chechen Republic of instrumentation. But we're not going to stop there. We already have preliminary agreements with "Gazprom", and in the future, the company plans to produce gas meters ", — he said.

He added that the research and production company created by extra-budgetary funds.

As a director of the company told the guests Magomed Mintsaev, the first products to be manufactured by the company — a single phase digital power meter "NUR-M". He noted that the product has been certified and tested for compliance with state standards.

According to him, this product is designed to meet the requirements of JSC "IDGC of the North Caucasus."

"Compared to those counters, which are known to us from the Soviet Union, this device allows you to choose ways to control energy consumption.

Prepayment is allowed with the ability to disable or limit the consumer's specified parameters: whether the limit in kilowatts, in terms of money or time. At the end of the limit of the instrument automatically switches to restrictions ", — said M. Mintsaev.

According to him, the new electric meter will largely solve the problem of arrears on utility bills. In addition, the device can operate in the automated system of commercial electric power accounting.

To operate the unit in its structure has a special interface to remotely read information. It also includes an option for detecting unauthorized access.

According to acting General Director of JSC "MRSC of North Caucasus" Peter Seltsovsky, LLC "Energy Plus" is a promising company, and its products will be in high demand.

"In the near future we plan to create a single point of security, a single point of network management and information-analytical center. I think that's what this device is very suitable for the implementation of our ideas, "- he said.

Source:Press-service of the Head and the Government of the Chechen Republic


GUNPP "Promavtomatika" founded in 1965. In Soviet times specialized in the development and implementation of automated process control systems and the development of devices of automation in many industries, primarily oil refining, oil and agribusiness. During the events of the company was completely destroyed.

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