In Hong Kong, pro-communist organization violates human rights.

Hong Kong is proud that respects human rights. However, in the last 8 months, rights of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong regularly and openly violated, while the city police did not respond to it. Residents angry and dismayed as the human rights situation in the city, it seems, in his eyes changed for the worse.

  • Falun Gong, China, Hong Kong
  • Falun Gong, China, Hong Kong

Falun Gong practitioners meditate in the Star Ferry, Hong Kong, February 13, 2013. Hong Kong Association for the youth of its intention to close the banner. Photo: The Epoch Times


The morning of June 10, 2012, Falun Gong practitioners arrived at the Hung Hom station in Hong Kong, as they have done every day for 10 years. There they put the information booths and talk to people about their spiritual practice, and that the followers of the teachings persecuted in China. But this time it was different.
In the place where they are usually located, people in identical shirts hung banners containing attacks on Falun Gong. When Falun Gong practitioners have hung their banners elsewhere, this group of people closed their own banners, vilify Falun Gong. Then they started shouting communist slogans through the sound system.
Falun Gong practitioners appealed to the police, as they did before, when there were problems, but now for some reason the police refused to intervene.
The group, which for the first time proved to be at the station Hung Hom, calls itself the "Association for the Promotion of Youth in Hong Kong" (ASMG). On June 10 she was making a fuss in places where usually gathered followers of Falun Gong in Hong Kong.
The web site ASMG claimed that the group allegedly involved in various charitable activities, such as helping the poor and other "contributions" to the community.
In fact, ASMG manifests itself as an attacking tool of the Communist Party of China (CPC). She has no formal relations with the CPC, but has been blocking and attacking those who are enemies of the CCP believes.

  • Falun Gong, China, Hong Kong
  • Falun Gong, China, Hong Kong

Children ride on the swing, to which the Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Youth hitched a banner containing the attacks on Falun Gong. In the background — another one of their banner. Photo: The Epoch Times

When the reporter went to the Hong Kong magazine Next ASMG office in Shenzhen, located near the border of Hong Kong to mainland China, he found that the Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Youth has close ties with the CPC.
ASMG office in Shenzhen is adjacent to the local "610 Office." Office 610 (the name comes from the date of its foundation — June 10, 1999) is an organ of the CPC, which the former regime leader Jiang Zemin instructed to engage the eradication of Falun Gong.
The reporter tried to open the door of the office ASMG, but they were locked. A member of the "610 Office" came out to help. "Both organizations are working the same people — said the employee, according to an article in Next. These doors are usually closed. If you want to go, then go here, the input from us. "
Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Youth is headed by Lin Guo, who is or was a member of the pro-communist party "Democratic Alliance for Progress of Hong Kong." He also has a post of special adviser to the People's Political Consultative Conference of Jinggangshan in Jiangxi Province in southeastern China, according to Next.
Journalist Ching Chen told employees of radio and television in Hong Kong that ASMG — a group with which the "security forces from the mainland to carry out their policies in Hong Kong."
Tourists and Tuidang
In 2011, according to the Tourism Commission of Hong Kong, the city was visited by 28.1 million tourists from mainland China. Falun Gong practitioners set up information points in many popular tourist spots around Hong Kong to talk about the practice of visitors.
In such places, they usually put a table with materials and posters hung around him. They hand out flyers and demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises. The followers of the teachings want to explain to tourists from the mainland that Falun Gong — a spiritual practice, which the communist regime in China in every way detractors. They tell them about the moral principles of improvement, and the brutal persecution of followers of the teachings in China. They offer the tourists out of the Communist Party. The output from the party in Chinese is called Tuidang.
"The CCP is really afraid Tuidang" — said Juliana Chan, a Falun Gong practitioner and a former head of the travel agency. According to the International Center for Quitting the CCP, to date, more than 133 million Chinese people have quit the CCP.
"The association aims to promote young people of Hong Kong to mislead tourists — said Chan. Arriving tourists can not come to us, they see only communist propaganda, not our stands. "
On the first day of the Chinese New Year on February 10, the police ordered ASMG and followers of Falun Gong to remove all their banners at the Star Ferry, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Hong Kong.
The next day, Vince and Chan, who regularly helps organize data point Falun Gong, Star Ferry, reported that members of ASMG filled the Star Ferry, including the places where for many years, Falun Gong practitioners set up their stands.
February 13 police provided the Falun Gong place by the wall, where they could place their stands.
However, members of ASMG closed their banners from the tourists. Falun Gong practitioners appealed to the police. The representative ASMG Lin Kuo showed no respect for the police, who asked to be moved ASMG banners. He strongly argued with them, and, in the end, the police withdrew, leaving ASMG banners on the site.
Falun Gong practitioners say that the members of the association every day trying to close them with their posters.
Mandy Liu, who has long been engaged in the information area, said that the police can easily resolve this issue. "If the police will assign to ASMG one place in Hong Kong, and the followers of Falun Gong — Other, and then legitimize the decision, there will not be any problems," — said Ms. Liu.
To be continued …

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