In Kamchatka, found the car age 400 million years!

Fossils were punched metal cylinder ….

Petersburg archaeologists have found fossils in Kamchatka, which turned parts of the mechanism. Attention is drawn to the age of discovery — found details about 400 million years.
According to archaeologist Yuri Golubev, originally parts of the machine found the tourists to 230 kilometers from the village Tigil.

"We went to the specified location, and at first we did not realize what we have seen — admitted scholar. — There were hundreds of gear cylinders, which were part of the machine. They were in perfect condition, as if they had been frozen for a short period of time. Needed a control area, because soon the curious began to appear in large numbers. "

Russian archaeologists have shared the results of discovery with colleagues from the U.S., and they confirmed that the fossils really seems, are the components of the machine.

Experts believe that the mechanism could persist for such a long time, "preserve", for example, in the swamp. In favor of this hypothesis is the fact that objects become fossils in a relatively short — in geological scale — time.

No, even the most daring, the hypothesis of the age of man is not "removes" the man on the earth as a "long life." Scientists have suggested that a mechanism could be found extraterrestrial origin.

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