In Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev was fitting fairing of the launch vehicle Angara 1.2PP


In Khrunichev. Khrunichev ongoing work to create a launcher "Angara-1.2PP." This week on the rocket-space cycle plant specialists conducted operations "fitting" fairing "Angara 1.2PP" and work as a part of the ascent.

Also completed assembly and testing of autonomous fluid system of the second stage booster.

Final steps of the process of creating the first and second stages of the rocket "Angara 1.2.PP" will check for electrical control and test station (CIS).

The first stage of the launcher "Angara 1.2.PP" ready for testing on muslin and is in storage.

After completion of the test rocket "Angara-1.2PP" will be sent to the Plesetsk.

Simultaneously, the rocket-space Khrunichev plant, work is continuing to build a heavy launch vehicle "Angara-A5." Are currently in the process of assembling the fluid system with tanks and void spaces stages of the launch vehicle.

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