In kindergarten Byisk opened the first mobile avtogorodok

As reported today, March 19, in the department of propaganda UGIBDD MOI of Russia for the Altai Territory, mobile avtogorodok Bijsk entered in the regional target program "Improving road safety." The region is the first area organized on the basis of the kindergarten, preschool before that were equipped with only the corners of the SDA Training and magnetic boards with elements of streets and roads.

The decision about the equipment that is kindergarten was made because even pre-school age children should be aware of traffic rules and behave properly on the road. Unfortunately, statistics show that up to the present time there are accidents where children suffer and die, who were on the roadway without adult supervision.

Make SDA classes in kindergarten is not only useful, but also the most fun you can, if you replace regular classes with teachers on special equipment that allows you to organize educational games and working through different traffic situations in practice. With thumbnails of road signs volume models and models make it much more interesting and convenient.

 The main advantage of mobile avtogorodka — the ability to use virtually any flat surface (if there is sufficient space): this may be an asphalt or concrete pad, sex school gym or recreation. In this deployment, installation and connection in a matter of minutes and does not require any special skills.

The road network of the mobile avtogorodka simulates the most dangerous element of urban roads — four-way intersection that has a traffic light portable equipment powered from batteries and road signs. Manage the traffic lights junction is with a simple to use wireless remote control. In addition, the set includes a form of young traffic inspectors, bicycles and many visual equipment.

On the basis of the kindergarten will be organized by a single methodical center of Biysk training preschoolers traffic regulations and road safety. Here teachers leading this trend will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues and gain new knowledge.

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