In Kirov wind fell a tree, and in the storm fires began

The raging weather caused a lot of troubles in the Kirov region. Only on Sunday the storm started three fires.

Thus, in the village of Little Ski Track (17 km from Kiknura) at 20.10 the fire started in the woodshed one female pensioner. It turned out that the wood was struck by lightning. As a result, the structure burned down and 20 cubic meters of wood. Damage — 30 000 rubles.

And on dauber (25 km from Sloboda) in Horticulture "Gazovik 2" started a fire in the garden wooden house. The reason was the same — a thunderbolt. Burned roof battens house, and six meters from the house burned unattended clapboard structure.

Volma evening in the village (21 km from Kirov-Chepetsk) burned residential wooden house, outbuildings and household property. The reason — the lightning discharge. Approximate damage — 50 000 rubles.

In Kirov on Sunday during a storm on a strong gust of wind fell a tree. One fell in the street Khalturina Stepan, a couple — at the Young Guard and the Bolsheviks.

— Residents of these streets caused by number of rescuers single rescue. The boys went to the place and removed the trees. In all three cases, the street was blocked by trees, had to saw them and release the roadway. But no tree not hooked wires, cars, houses — said rescue team leader Gregory Slave.

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