In Kyrgyzstan, the evacuation of tourists is a breakthrough because of the threat of the lake

Emergency Service of Kyrgyzstan evacuated tourists and residents of the Natural Park and Reserve "Ala-Archa", located in the foothills of the Tien Shan, the threat of a breakthrough high-mountain lake, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a witness, who is at the scene.

"We came to" Ala-Archa "Tuesday morning, however, the entry to the natural park was closed. Taken out from the reserve equipment and vehicles. According to the staff, they were ordered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic against the threat of a mudslide," — said by telephone Bishkek resident Oleg Popov.

The press service of the Emergencies Ministry confirmed the information about the threat of breaking mountain lake located in the upper reaches of the Ala-Archa.

"At the moment, the situation becomes clear, we will report on further developments in the situation," — said the press service.

Meanwhile, the Kyrgyz news agency "" reports with reference to the head of Central Crisis Management Emergency Situations of the Republic, which currently specialists departments are conducting a survey in the upper reaches of the lake Adygene Ala-Archa.

"The level of some remains. However, the situation is under control. All services are ready to respond quickly. State Agency for Geology, install the sensor, if there is risk of a breakthrough, the incoming signal, and people will be evacuated from the zone of rest" — quoted MOE representative agency.

Natural Park "Ala-Archa" is located in the mountains about 30 kilometers from the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Mountain river of the same name through a series of suburban and country co Chui capital of the republic, as well as through Bishkek. In 2008, came down the river flooded hundreds of rural suburban areas, two people were killed.

Only in Kyrgyzstan there are about 300 mountain lakes included in the list of breakthrough. Breakthrough of the lake formed in the mountains as a result of intensive melting of glaciers in the summer. Glacier, stepping up the slope, leaving behind a dam. As a result, a number of factors natural glacial lake dams can collapse, creating a risk of mudslides.

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