In LC ministerial opened the first phase of 540 apartments

November 19, 2012 at Kiev, Obolon district, st. Kondratyuka, 1. was open first LCD "ministerial" from the builder "Energopol — Ukraine", which is a party to the state housing program SMI.

The joint Ukrainian-Polish project "Ministerial" is being implemented in the framework of "European housing in Ukraine." Recall that the company PBG SA (Poland), specializing in the construction of oil and gas infrastructure, invested $ 240 million in the construction of residential complex "ministerial."

First and foremost:

Residential house number 1 consists of four sections of 540 apartments and parking number 1 — 280 cars.

The area of apartments:

1 — up to 42,32 to 57,92 m2

2 — 71.59 to 98.93 m2

3 — 108.39 to 108.50 m2

4 — duplex apartments — 102.32 to 185.75 m2

The second stage:

Residential building number 2 consists of six sections with 850 apartments and a parking lot number 2 — 296 cars.


1 — from 43.04 to 60.75 m2

2 — from 69.87 to 104.84 m2

3 — 109.41 to 110.42 m2

The second phase of the LCD "ministerial" will be put in the IV quarter of 2013.

Third stage:

Residential building number 3 is composed of six sections with 850 apartments and a parking lot number 3 — 333 cars.

The fourth stage:

Office and shopping complex — a 22-storey building office complex with the appropriate infrastructure and life support systems, as well as a parking lot number 4 — to 209 cars.

All the buildings in the complex are made of cast-frame technology. The walls are made of red brick. It was also the use of insulated ventilated facade, the house had been installed at and silent elevators.

Infrastructure: beauty salons, restaurants, supermarkets, "Handicap", "Sil'po", "EKOMARKET" sports and fitness clubs, coffee shops, pharmacies, banks, consumer services.

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