In Mariupol growing number of cases of cholera

In Mariupol laboratory staff revealed GosSanEpidemNadzor cholera still have 5 people, including one child, so that the total number of cases reached 13.

Meanwhile, in the city Saturday morning stretched residents of Donetsk and the surrounding areas, which, ignoring reports of cholera, have decided to spend the weekend at sea. In connection with this came a hot time for law enforcement — in a nearly 30-degree heat in the form of police patrol the beaches, removing them bathers.

As reported by the Donetsk regional sanitary-epidemiological station, all the patients were infected, using a fresh fish to eat — or purchased on the market or caught at illicit discharges of wastewater. In this regard, currently banned amateur fishing in parts of the city adjacent to the Sea of Azov. In the markets of the fourth day of raids conducted to identify unauthorized sale of fish.

The Company now continuous monitoring of sea water samples which are taken all over the coast, and the water quality in water supply systems of the city. Utilities prescribed daily 1-2 times a day to take out the garbage. Before repairers Gorvodocanal tasked to eliminate accidents in the water supply and sewerage networks in the shortest possible time. In turn, physicians for several days in order to identify all hospitalized cholera residents seeking assistance regarding the violation of the gastrointestinal tract, according to ITAR-TASS.

The first three cases of infection were reported in Mariupol on Sunday. Media in the region have increased health education among the people of the region, aimed at the prevention of acute intestinal infections and cholera.

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