In New York, the trees bloom earlier than scheduled

In New York, the first trees in bloom, surprising the veteran, not remembering such a natural event in March. Astronomical spring begins in the U.S. on March 20 and runs until June 19.
Cherry, apple, azaleas and other flowering plants were covered with lush spring-dress three weeks ahead of schedule.
Scientists explain so early flowering mild snowless winter in the north-east coast of the U.S., which was almost at zero temperature.

Starting from January 1, Winter installed over thousands of absolute heat records, according to the National Weather Center. Blooming sakura in some New York City can be seen in November and December, and primroses appeared on beds in early March.
Early flowering of a concern for farmers. Not all trees can withstand frosty nights, and the staff of "Big Apple", New York, already reports first loss.

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