In North Dakota due to flooding evacuated 12,000 people

One of the largest cities in the state of North Dakota, Minot (Minot), was partially evacuated because of the threat of flooding. According to CNN, in a total of Wednesday evening, June 22, fled their homes 12 thousand people.

Evacuation is carried out in connection with the increase of water level in the river Suris (Souris), which flows through the center of Minot. According to forecasters, the flood caused by prolonged rainfall. In chastnoti, said The Los Angeles Times, the largest number of cages fell in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, which borders North Dakota.

It is expected that the peak of the flood will have on the following Monday, June 27. At this point, the depth of the river can rise to the level of 47.5 meters, breaking the record of 1881. City services are strengthening a number of dams, which, in their opinion, can not withstand the pressure of the water.

At the moment, the situation is also dangerous skladyvatsya along the Missouri River, whose level remains elevated for more than a month.

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