In Orsha celebrate the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Karatkevich

The famous Belarusian writer was born in Orsha, November 26, 1930. And since the 1990s — from the beginning of the Belarusian independence — that date to celebrate his native land every year. Originally, it was the initiative of local community activists, but later joined the state structures: city hall, the museum complex, educational institutions and libraries.

This year — the anniversary, so the events on the day of the birth of Vladimir Karatkevich in Orsha planned very much. November 26 at 11:00 was held for the traditional day for this event — to lay flowers at the monument to the writer that is a children's park in the city. And then right there at the monument, held their annual literary reading, "Do not ever fade poet", which were attended by writers from Minsk, Vitebsk and Orsha.

Speeches were made and memories Vyacheslav Ragoysha, David Simonovic, Anatoly Sparrow, Sergei Poniznik, Museum Director Vladimir Karatkevich Galina Jurkiewicz, niece writer Helen Sienkiewicz. Rasplyanavanuyu go celebrations broke writer Vladimir Orlov, it is not part of the agreed upon with the Department of Culture of the script, and then the artist Ales Pushkin.

Vladimir Orlov

Having some parable about the anniversary Karatkevich, the artist said that in Orsha honor the memory of fellow countryman, but for the third year in a row prohibit conduct bard festival «Orsha Battle":

"Karatkevich wrote about those brave people who defended their land. And Kulikovo field, and Borodin, and Grunwald — all valued in the world. Only field Orsha battle zavorana now be planted with corn and that we were not going there. Shame on the city authorities that allow such mankurtyzatsyyu our people! "

Ales Pushkin gave the museum Karatkevich his picture, which — guitar and musician hands entwined with barbed wire.

Ales Pushkin

Performances Ales Pushkin had not heard the Minister of Culture Paul Latushko, which appeared on the anniversary celebrations later. He congratulated orshantsev during the holiday celebration at the Museum of Vladimir Karatkevich, which hosted spetsgashenne envelopes with a special mark the 80th anniversary of the writer-countryman. It occurred in Orsha Museum Vladimir Karatkevich.

Paul Latushko

And later, the Minister of Culture opened the third international scientific conference "Vladimir Karatkevich. A Global Perspective ", held in Orsha School of Art. It was also attended by Head of the Department of Culture Executive Committee Nicholas Pashinsky and the head of the ideology department Mikhail Kuzmich, come and representatives of the pro-regime Union of Writers of Belarus.

Paul Latushko recalled that in Kiev Vladimir Korotkevich soon will be a monument, the layout of which has already been made. And one of the first speakers, literature researcher Adam Maldis noted that the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich past time to put in Minsk. And it would be appropriate for it to be delivered at the National Library, near the monument Scorina.

Adam Maldis

Conference in Orsha will continue on November 27. In general, the celebrations on the day of the birth of Vladimir Karatkevich, held in Orsha throughout the week. Already a presentation of the movie "With Vladimir Korotkevich from Orsha to Rogacheva" devoted to current travelers along the Dnieper fans of the writer, and the presentation of the book "Swan skit," illustrated by the artist Nikolai Water lilies — also, incidentally, a native of Orsha.

November 25th was the opening of the exhibition in the school museum Vladimir Karatkevich, which is located in the high school number 3. The school is named after the writer-countryman, and its founder Lily Radomsko very sorry that the opening of the new exhibition does not fall into the program core activities. Meanwhile, it is from this little room all began: the first exhibits gathered here, and it was Mrs. Radomsko was among those who in 1986 sought to rename the street Cosmonauts street name Karatkevich to Orsha as widely as possible commemorates the famous countryman:

Lily Radomsko

"No one then knew nothing, and walked all over us and the celebration came to us. And today, and one asks, and the second, "If we are to you?" I said, "I do not know, in terms of not!" Orlov said: "So what is it? I'm one of the first who opened the museum!" But here now commands the executive committee, their power "

City Council Department of Culture organized a festive anniversary party and concert "Byv.Ests.Budu." But it is expected and informal event for lovers — special concert Bard Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich, who will sing songs to the words of Vladimir Karatkevich.

November 27 orshantsy able to see a production of Polotsk theater "Pilgrim" based on the novel by Vladimir prolih Karatkevich "We can not forget." And on November 28 at the Museum Karatkevich the awarding of winners of the literary contest organized by the Vitebsk branch of the Union of Belarusian Writers.


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