In Rostov-on-Don — the second since the beginning of the month in case the pilots blinding laser beam.


As reported, in Rostov-on-Don — the second since the beginning of the month in case the pilots blinding laser beam. Southern Transport Prosecutor's Office investigators are searching cybercriminals determined the approximate area — where was the last attack. Evening of June 7 was the target of bullies laser approach "Boeing" with nearly a hundred passengers on board. One of the pilots received a hard blow to the eye. All such attacks in six months was about 30.

Two days — already the second time that the pilots of passenger airliners, getting into a Rostov-on-Don, the land had almost blindly. Unknown hooligans again blinded pilot laser.

"Talk is the pilot. Set the radius — where this light beam, — the head of the press service of the MOI for the Rostov region Alexei Polyansky. — Found that in the center of Aksai. Checking now downtown, interviewing vendors — who have worked in this later time — in order to determine the witnesses. "

The possibility that the pilot was blinded by the lights of discos, police have rejected. There were no celebrations in the city with the use of lasers. Therefore, the main version — bullies who could use laser pointers. These pointers can be very powerful, able to hit tens of kilometers. Shone especially at the cockpit.

"The pilot sits in the cockpit and saw the earth. Respectively, and you can see the pilot when using any device — says Airbus-320 pilot Dmitry Leontiev. — So, at a certain skill you can get and blind pilots. And both of them. You same beam goes on — jumping. "

Statistics like flying accidents frightening. Russian aviation official data: at least 26 attempts to blind pilots this year alone, and only in the Moscow air zone. One case was recorded on approach to Domodedovo. All the others — to Vnukovo. In this case, three pilots reported that they laser light from the settlement of the picture.

May 10 crew managed to pinpoint the exact location of the attack. The radiation source was located directly outside Moscow, on the roof-like structure at the building factory building. May 17 shone almost from the airport. The crew reported the location as follows: end of the runway to the left of the highway. Despite the massive laser attack, catch any as yet. Pilots admit: it's a miracle until disaster struck.

Dmitry Leontiev explains that the approach — one of the most difficult moments of the flight, when even a second can not be distracted. "Pilots scan motion parameters of the aircraft, it is a lot of parameters, plus they scan zakabinny space for provisions on the runway," — he said.

What can happen at the most tragic scenario: jet coming in to land, in manual mode, height — 300 meters, if the pilots were blinded by only half a minute at a vertical speed of 5 meters per second — this time will be enough for tragedy, because pilots can not control rate of descent.

In the U.S. and European countries the danger of such games with laser pointers have recognized long ago. Last summer in Hamburg turned an entire special operation involving police helicopters and special forces armed by the imager. As a result — after the second case of hooliganism caught two teens in the act.

Russian police are hoping witnesses to help, because if someone indulges in, they should be people who understand how dangerous it is — dazzle aircraft on board which there are hundreds.

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