In Slutsky's celebrate 90 years of the famous uprising

90th anniversary of the uprising Slutsky dedicated journey, which at this time is in Slutsk area. Here from Minsk in two buses arrived about a hundred representatives of the Belarusian national democratic institutions. Traveling on the route passes Grozovo — Semezhevo — Oprah (Krasnaya Sloboda) Sluck.

In these places, 90 years several thousand Belarusian insurgents fought with troops of the Red Army, which far exceeded by the number and level of armament independence fighters BNR. The fighting lasted for more than a month, hundreds of rebels who fought under the white-red-white flags died, some fought moved to Poland.

Among protesters prominent activists Siuchyk, Valery Shchukin, representatives of the democratic youth organizations. People laid bouquets of flowers with white-red-white flags on their burial places rebels and memory to the crosses that marked the battlefield. During each reverence sound of speech, as well as songs and Slutsk warriors anthem "Mighty God."

At 14 hours 30 minutes by Slutsky city stadium held a rally on the anniversary of Slutsk uprising.

The guest for the police.

Residents Grozovo watching commemoration distance.

Siuchyk says the new memorial cross with the ring in the Semezhevo.


Oprah (Krasnaya Sloboda)

The rally in Moscow in a football stadium.


Paul says, Seviarynets.

Gregory speaks Kastusyou.


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