In the case of explosions — the fourth defendant

Arrested another, the fourth accused in the attack on the Russian Embassy and other buildings in Minsk. The detention of Igor Olinevich happened under unusual circumstances.

Igor Olinevich detained in Moscow on 28 November. Journalist Alexander Yaroshevich shared information about how the arrest occurred:

"There wassuch that one of the guys who previously detained and held for nine days before being released, has appointed Igor meeting in Moscow. He came to the meeting, and an hour before Olinevich arrested. It is possible that the guy agreed to cooperate with the secret services and so vyvablivav Olinevich. "

According to his mother detained Valentina Olinevich, Monday, 29 November, her son brought to Minsk and placed in a KGB prison — "American." A lawyer who was present at the first examination of Igor Olinevich, told his parents he was accused of a young man:

"The lawyer said that the attack on the General Staff, and the investigator, when he called the next day, said that even the Russian embassy."

Igor Olinevich 27 years, he worked for the association "Planar" in Minsk, an electronics engineer. A few years ago, Igor Olinevich interested in the ideas of anarchism, but the mother of a detainee convinced that the shares using unlawful measures son harmless:

"He said, Mom, I have long outgrown that age. I have no part in it, and do not intend to participate. For me you need not worry, they did nothing to expose. And then, when the arrests began his friends, and he was not detained, he decided to escape for a week, they say, a matter of will.

In his 37th great-grandfather was shot, and then posthumously rehabilitated. He understands that it can be.

And then he understood to be looking for any connections. He just got scared and left. In his 37th great-grandfather was shot, and then posthumously rehabilitated. He understands that things can be. "

Valentine Olinevich outraged Russian authorities' position that allows within its territory to detain citizens of Belarus.

Besides Igor Olinevich, in the attacks also appear delayed Alexander Franzkevich andMaxim Vetkin, which is held in a prison in Minsk Volodarskogo andNicholas Dedok, which is contained in Zhodinskaya prison. It is known that Alexander Franzkevich the investigation revealed that filming the video for the attack on the insulator Akrestin, but participation in the attack does not recognize. Nicholas Dedok its involvement in the attacks completely denies. Information on how to apply to the charges Maxim Vetkin not. The content Franckevica and Dziadok behind bars, investigators have extended until February next year.

According to human rights activists, in cases of explosions and attacks of all detained dozens of youth activists of various organizations. Some of the detainees went out to freedom, told investigators about illegal methods of intimidation and pressure. In the Minsk city police, which carried out the first arrest, the matter does not comment. December 1st comment about the arrest on the territory of Russia Igor Olinevich could not be obtained, and from the press service of the KGB.

In the case of explosions combined attack on the Russian embassy on August 30, at the Minsk detention center in Akrestsin casino building "Shangri-La", a subsidiary of BBK, the Palace of Culture, the General Staff and other incidents that allegedly organized supporters of anarchism.


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