In the City Hospital № 12 of Novosibirsk earned cardiology department

On the basis of the city hospital number 12 opened department for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

New cardiology department will offload other hospitals the right bank of Novosibirsk, where previously delivered emergency cardiology patients.

"Recently we have noted a serious mismatch the number of beds and the number of patients being in the cardiology department of the city hospital number 1 and the city hospital number 25. The two departments in these hospitals "take on" the entire burden of admission of patients with cardiovascular pathologies Central, Dzerzhinsky, Kalinin, Central district of Novosibirsk "- explained during a visit to the Department of Health Minister VAT Olga Kravchenko.

Now, according to Olga Kravchenko, change the routing of patients and "inclusion" of the regional cardio 35 beds and 45 beds 12 new department of the hospital problem is solved.

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