In the city of Leningrad region Priozerske began construction of a new bridge

Around the bridge that connects the city of Priozersk beyond the river to the center, deployed a large-scale operation. As reported at the Leningrad Oblast, the new four-lane bridge should soon replace the existing object falling apart.

A source told 47News, the construction of the new bridge will be at the expense of the federal budget for the construction of a new federal highway A129 Petersburg — Sortavala. Awarding the contract was made "Lenavtodor" contractor — LLC "Construction Company" Baltic Coast. "

The works, which will be conducted in the waters Vuoksy (training channel and coastal zone, the construction of a temporary bridge), you must complete before the start of the spawning fish, that is, until the middle of April.

As the head of the city administration said Natalia Glumilino, that this bridge will be a new water main in the city beyond the river

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