In the city of Murmansk hospital intensive care unit was opened after renovation and Therapy

Every year there will receive quality medical care to more than a thousand people. Prior to 2015, repaired two floors of the hospital and placed there a neurology department and emergency cardiology. On the basis of these three offices will be established urban Vascular Center.

In a city hospital ambulance major overhaul of the intensive care unit for patients with heart attacks and strokes. It is located on the 9th floor of the main hospital building and is designed for 24 seriously ill patients. It has already received the first patients.

Repair of office equipment and equipment cost of 50 million rubles. And this money as the local budget, and federal, who came to the region in the framework of the modernization program of health care.

According to experts, research in this area suggests that it is very important in terms of stroke are starting treatment. For example, to minimize the consequences of the disease, it is necessary to assist in the first two hours. Therefore, doctors say, in this situation, a lot depends on the patient and the relatives of those who were at that moment with him.

For quick diagnosis of stroke in the emergency room of the city hospital soon will set a new modern CT scanner. After passing inspection on it, patients fall into the newly opened an intensive care unit, where they face intense therapy.

And during the years 2013-2014 will be renovated two floors of the city hospital — the seventh and eighth, where similar conditions will house modern neurology department and emergency cardiology.

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