In the city of Vladivostok has opened a new kindergarten for 240 places

April 9 at the solemn opening ceremony of modern kindergarten "Cutter" in the residential district of Snow Pad. This preschool is the third act in a new neighborhood, built on the same design as its predecessors — "Tiger" and "Firefly." The new kindergarten "Cutter" will take another 240 children.

With the opening of the kindergarten "Cutter" partly solved the problem with a queue to kindergarten, because in this garden will not only adopt children of military personnel, but also children from other areas of the city, standing in the queue.

Finishing work in preschools conducted according to the most modern standards, on the walls there were colorful drawings. Each of these images was developed in conjunction with child psychologists. The new preschool traced a single theme — the sea, and each group has its own name — "fish", "crab", "octopus", "sailors" and "bug."

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Group equipped with furniture, toys and appliances. The institution has large stained-glass window. Thanks to this layout in the room gets a lot more daylight. For the youngest students on the first floor are laid underfloor heating.

On the territory near the kindergarten erected a wooden gazebo for walking, swing set and slide. In the second floor there is access to the terrace with walking guard rails for the safety of children.

In the garden is equipped with a music room for the development of young talent and a hall for physical education classes.




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