In the district of Kostroma Zavolzhski open a new depot fire station number 3

"It's always worrying situation with the fire safety at social institutions, the factory" Motordetal "in hospitals, schools, kindergartens and housing stock in Zavolzhskaya the city of Kostroma. This anxiety is removed from today. With the introduction into service of the new building a third fire station, significantly reduced the response time to a variety of emergency personnel department. All personnel on duty and wish you safe "dry bags" — Said the head of the region Igor Slyunyaev.

Adopted in part received a new modern technology, equipped with GLONASS: fire tank based on the car "Kamaz", fire tank based terrain vehicle "Ural", articulated forklift truck based on the car "Kamaz" (tower height of 52m).

The personnel of the fire department, and it is 55 people, leaves for emergencies and fires in Zavolzhsky Kostroma region in the coming settlements to the border with the Yaroslavl region.

New Construction IF-3 was launched March 1, 2011 under the federal target program "Fire Safety of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2012."

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