In the forests of the Don, the struggle with conifer pests

In the forest resources of the Rostov region started in the chemical and biological processing of forest with the use of aircraft and surface processing methods trees, said the forestry department for the Southern Federal District.


This is one of the radical measures to combat mass outbreaks of the pine sawfly, sawfly-weaver, pine moth, causing tremendous damage to forestry.

Experts plan to handle more than 16 million hectares of forests of the Upper, Sholokhov, Oblivsky, Milutinsky, Soviet, Kamensky and Ust-Donetsk districts.

It is extremely important for the Don forest activities were made possible by funds (about 15.6 million) allocated under the regional long-term program "Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources in the Rostov Region for 2011-2015" and the federal budget.

Timely implemented a set of measures to contain and eliminate pockets of forest pests will avoid emergencies in the Rostov region.

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