In the Guiana Space Center began training Russian carrier rocket Soyuz-ST-B for the first launch on October 20


In the Guiana Space Center began training Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST-B" for the first launch on 20 October. The rocket must be put into orbit two navigational satellite "Galileo". This was reported in "Arianespace" French operator carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST".

"Our work is on schedule and as long as the entire process of preparation goes into normal mode", the head of operations at the launch complex "Soyuz" Jean-Claude Garreau.

The rocket "Soyuz-ST-B" ahead of schedule is completely assembled in the assembly and testing cosmodrome in the horizontal position. Consistently collected into a single system three main components rocket: the central block of the second stage rocket, four hinged accelerator first stage, set around it, and the third stage.

The completion of these operations can begin rolling out of the rocket on the launch pad and its rise into a vertical position. This position will be docked to the rocket upper stage "Fregat-MT 'two moons" Galileo "and the protective payload fairing compartment.

Currently, there are works on the assembly of upper components booster.

They are arranged in a clean sealed enclosures spaceport. The upper stage "Fregat-MT" fueled, after which it will begin installation of two satellites "Galileo".

The satellites will be mounted on a special platform breeding cluster payloads pyrotechnic system which will provide a breeding satellites in opposite directions on the orbit of 23222 km.

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