In the House of writer Leonid Golubovic and Natalka Harytanyuk


Leonid Golubovic, "ZMAGATSTSTSA accounted for many of the names"

Recently, the State Museum of History of the Belarusian literature of the presentation of a new book by Leonid Golubovicha "Sys and margins." It consists of 28 modern Belarusian literary portraits of writers. And since the book was published in the state "Literature and Art", some texts have caused apprehension among officials from the literature. What is questioned and herd Michas Scoble.

Michas Scoble: "Leonidas," Sys and margins "- is primarily a book of the attentive reader. This reference point is usually served as a new edition of the writer. How did you choose the characters for my book?"

Leonid Golubovic

Leonid Golubovic"This book has appeared spontaneously and unexpectedly for the author, it is — the result of my way of working in the newspaper" Literature and Art. "There I led several headings:" Legalization "," lobby "," quill ". Most prominent, with thorough Everyone had the heading "sidelines." This book contains only 28 sidelines, and I have given them all the sixty-sixth I have selected for your taste more decent, the most interesting writers to the reader a good impression of our literature, which is to achieve, the authors and face. And knocked me to publish the book, oddly enough, the head of the holding Alexander Karlyukevich. admit, the book was given to me not just — "Lim" — government newspaper, not every writer could appear in these "margins".

"And for what names had to fight?"

It turned out — and can not be critical. But I'm also stubborn, and decided to make a book to show Charginets …

Golubovic: "Do not have to fight every day for many of the names. Example, there should not have been featured names Gregory Baradulin, Gennady Buraukin, Vladimir Neklyaeva, Sergei Zakonnikova … And figure Zakonnikova. Nevertheless, I decided to fight for it, thought that the critical word of the poet released. turned out — and can not be critical. But I'm also stubborn, and decided to make a book to show Charginets. After the show in the book have been made to reduce censorship. For example, in the place where I wrote about the appointment of Sergei Ivanovich as Chief Editor "The Flame" (then the editor came Vasil Bykov and brought the newly appointed editor of a bouquet of roses.) This episode was optional Charhinets vykrasleny. And yet crossed several passages. Yet the article went into the "Lima", as he was critical. was still One article is not included in the book — a book Izjaslava Kotljarova. I had written about drugasnasts Russian-Belarusian writers.'s from that moment began the instability of my position in "Lima." There was a great response, collected almost plenum influential circles of the Union of Writers, gave the pump to the editor "Lima" Anatoly Kozlov. "

"In your book, about three dozen prominent figures, among them the Bulls, and Bryl, and Ryazanov, but for some reason the name -" Sys and margins. "Why so? Sys is not the epicenter of all the books?"

"Yes, exactly. Here already played the role of the current situation — of writers, readers, booksellers, … I went on a title to book has caught the reader's attention, caught the eye. Admit, it's a marketing move."

"Your article on drugasnasts Russian literature has caused repercussions in chergintsovskogo Union. But by 28 writers, the characters of your book, three Russian-speaking — Blessed Benjamin, Marina Natalich and Yuri boots. Seemed to me that you do not just have to write about them, to insert into our literary context, but they are there, according to my feelings, well, does not fit. Or, if you try, you can write? "

Golubovic: "Here, I do not agree with your idea. I would not go as. I've always respected the writer, no matter what language he writes. Above all I wonder how significant it is in the literature. Once he did on our Belarusian land (a situation we still have bilingual), then it does not matter, he or Belarusian-Russian language. Blessed Benjamin — a figure in literature, is now significantly raised. He lived in Minsk, but there was pryzamovchany. So it remains to this day, although Moscow already issued or a dozen of his books. Natalich to Marina And I do have respect, it translates Belarusian poetry and writing, by the way, and Belarusian too. wrote about it I was pleased. "

"And what is, in your opinion, is drugasnasts Russian-language literature in Belarus?"

"Our national history and culture has always been taught in schools and universities with a focus on purely Belarusian mentality belaruskamovnasts and Russian-speaking writers almost never appeared."

Scoble: "And where they appear in the school curriculum? Close to Pushkin or a program on the Belarusian literature?"

"Apparently, all the same in programs for Belarusian literature when their works sound Belarusian threads is the voice of this land and these people."

Scoble"Leonidas, call circulation of books considered thee." Rostock "Yankees Bryl — 300 copies." Hearth and home "Oleg Minkin — 300 copies," Edge is my lucky "Ales Chobot — 200," Enchanted Country "Lyudkov Silnova — 200," Berlibry "Andrew Khodanovich — 100 copies. Such meager circulation of the book in Belarus has never come out. How do you think if there is some kind of critical boundary, after which the bench Scorina can stop at all, as the efficiency of its print run of 100 copies at close to zero? "

I admit, I have over the past two years, says new book of poems. Before that I did ten years yet …

Golubovic"This question is difficult to answer. Just recently one of our agency issued a female literary calendar. Than Belarusian literature can end?'s Such calendars with half-naked Belarusian writers, which few people know. Sytutsyya itself in society, in the world, such as changed dramatically — from humanitarian to process. outweighs people already pragmatist. poetry and literature in general is very compactly folded into one text, from which arises the whole big world on which we need to consider. A man today is hard to do. confess, I have in the past two years, says new book of poems. Prior to that I did not write ten years. Why book is issued? Because actually this critical boundary scares me a little. Though the creator, as a rule, lives in himself. For my example, adinokastsyu , closeness, I have enough of himself.'s not so important, will my new poems are read. Though, on the other hand, should a question — why are you writing? Poems in you live — and let live, why did you bring them down? So you still want to get into the white light with your thoughts and feelings. Did you like writing a letter, you do not have enough of another person who would understand you. reviews there. "

Scoble: "You tried out different genres — poetry, notes, essays. Which genre is the most energazatratny?"

Golubovic: "Of course, poetry. It hurts the person suffering from it. Maybe people do not notice it. Sometimes, to write a poem or catch a row, the
concept of work, you spend a few days, do not sleep at night."

Scoble: "And yet you go to the very energazatratnaga genre."

Golubovic: "For example, the death of a longer such a distant, so you want the remains of internal energy, which I still own, throw on paper, leave the people are my impressions of this white light, where I lived and live."

Authors and works

Natalka HARYTANYUK: "For me, literature — is znaharok"

Today our guest Minsk studio — a young writer Natalka Harytanyuk. Novelist and eseistka, suavtarka collective books "Women are out of control", "Love me, please», «In Vilnius Veritas", recently introduced its first collection of short stories. Under the title "Thirteen stories about dead cat" it is issued in the private publishing house I.Logvinava Minsk in the book series "Gallery B". With Natalka Harytanyuk Aksak said Valentine.

Natalka Harytanyuk

Valentine Aksak: "Thirteen stories about a dead cat." Why so nekrafilna you called her first book? "

Natalka Harytanyuk"In the case of death, I just thought, when I wrote, but not the death of a cat, of course. Please tell from where I took the metaphor of a" dead cat "and after about death itself. I met a lot of this metaphor is where many — from "Neraschytanay Sutra" Igor Bobkov and to Salinger and this wonderful stories about Shimura, who says the bride's parents that he wanted to be a dead cat. In turn, he tells a legend about a Chinese master, how he was asked what is most precious in life, and he says that's probably a dead cat that was lying on the road, because it no one can set prices. And since I myself all these years, when the stories were written, was in such a state of defeat, or the feeling that everything is confused, defeat and victory, and I'm tired of patraplyatsu situation when someone appreciates you, and so I called and book. Although this legend, it does not have and all the stories are different, unrelated, yet the mood was such that — the reluctance to get under evaluation. "

Aksak: "Brest — your home — reeking of myths, marsh fool poleshuka speech. This phenomenon has spawned yet another modern Writer — Natalka Babi. Her novel" Fish Town ", thematically and stylistically involved in the reality of the Belarusian-Ukrainian-Polish borderland, has brought success to the writer All three countries are facing border pillars in the Brest region. How you keep holding in the work of the birth the umbilical cord? "

Harytanyuk"She keeps with her all began. Terribly important to me in my life, man — my grandfather on my mother Bogdan, who himself from Lviv leave. It was an incredibly bright person and it even has a story in this book is called" Dziady: Part Eight. "With him and began my, can not be a literary life, I have not written, when we spoke with him often enough, but then emerged as the Tarot is called, the verses of poetry, when you get into a rage and the magic of poetry, but you do not know how to call it in words. Grandpa felt these states and he told me a lot, maybe even without a word, handed it. So for me, relatives, memories of grandparents, this grandfather is very important. "

Aksak: "Grandpa, White (Brest?) Fortress Mukhavets — Realities, things and persons around you, lyustruyutstsa in your writing. As far as they biographical? "

Harytanyuk: "It's hard to say so at once, as far as they are biographical. Course, I should catch something terrible, something that I see in my life, but I do not write about it. Rhyme I love emotions, meanings and rhyme I'm lying, terribly much. For me, literature — is sorceress, which gives the opportunity to experience once more the fact that you have not experienced, could not, or ever missed. Therefore, there are many other ways to dream of what happened to me and if someone tries to read, for example, "Dead Cat" as a story of a girl Brest me, it would be wrong, it is — not me, it's — a vision that is — as the wise woman. "

Aksak: "Reviewing your story" The wagon St. Nicholas "Mary Martysevich writes:" For Natalka Harytanyuk her grandfather, the coachman, a figure which merges imperceptibly with the figure of St. Nicholas the patron saint of travelers — is something sacred and light, an era that moves. "Is it easy to the young author are the images that symbolize an entire era? "

Harytanyuk: "Friends have often been accused of negruntovnastsi. And if you take the images that appear on the era, and did not thoroughly with them no sacrifice, to be played — it's dangerous. I understand it myself. So I want to say that I did not take my fun with such images and somehow scatter them in his book, and look them in the eye, do not pull out without knowing the context. But it driver — it's the context that I know very well. A lot of my family for tattoo — long stories coachmen. Though this story — a lie too much. Grandpa, the grandfather of Nicholas, I never knew he had died two years before I was born, but it's this way, the way I tried to imagine what it is going on, and tried to imagine he was there. "

Aksak: In his esei "Palipsest" you wrote: "My essay is just the most indescribable, which is to say almost impossible. Besides, it is difficult to remember all the time you forget what you're all that's led — when the bird finally falls silent … "So what do you write?"

Harytanyuk: "This one word can not be named. It is magical, that it is not necessary to say. If I'm going to say, why, then crumble away. This is a poem about Lacy Ukrayinka one word, great poem, but she does not call it one word. Why? Rather, I write? It is not my purpose to write something in the general objectives of such can not be. And this is the strange experience of the spirit in which you find yourself, you are simply forced, choked and you get the worst luck when you get out there and talk to them. Not all the stories I wrote, but it is — the most fantastic condition. "

Natalka HARYTANYUK. Clouds

When Harry asked me to play a game, I agreed immediately. I hesitated, because Harry had a suspicious manner to play chess. He played navoslep: closed his eyes, still placing the figure on the field, and open them only when put mat.

"Honestly, Harry, — one day I asked him — what's your secret? Are you at all interested, I make a move? Have to play very, very insignificant, which I zamervayusya?"

Harry smiled faintly at it (his somewhat amused my questions) i, thoughtfully gazing at the clouds, he replied: "Your every move — terribly significant to me. Significant enough that I can not forget the most important thing. And you can not forget about the main . This important — meaning the game. This is important — and there is the game itself. "

That's it. That's right, word for word, I said, my old friend, Harry, and I did not dare ask what is — the most important thing. In fact, when I listened to him, I felt that I understand. And then it is — an understanding — disappeared somewhere, I forgot the meaning of the beautiful words of Harry. Although he kept repeating and repeating, you can not forget about the main thing. We must never forget the basics.

And now he tells me about the secret of the game, luring more time to play with him. Harry says it is pulling its new
chess board, which he recently padaravali. Board reminds me fed black and white cells in the old children's game in yang i, i I'm starting to convince myself that in unusual rituals Harry has something attractive: he does not want to see my defeat. I almost agree on the party, but put a condition:

— We will play to the desires, Harry.
— Excellent — he laughs, does not feel threatened.
— Desire tells the one who gets the defeat — I'm wary warn him, but Harry my words make no impression.

He closes his eyes and we start the game. First, I'm trying to keep an eye on Harry moves, but it does not help me — Harry takes the shape of a figure, making his way forward, and if it takes the whole center, I will not resist. I decide that it is now too late to focus on the game — and then easily start to think about his unexpected condition which has put itself before the game — a desire which will now have to come up with. I want to find the desire — the same big as Harry navoslep game, the desire to fulfill that Harry could only remember when our children play with it in the yin and yang. And it is not so simple.

Of course, my desire to be — I argue with myself — the metaphysical. Otherwise — no real test for Harry this will not happen. He does not like to look at the test — he defeats him, closing his eyes. Harry closes his eyes, not only in the game of chess. It seems he lives — with his eyes closed.

And even if it is open for them to tell me, "Mat" — it seems so to me, there will still be out there somewhere. And he will not look at me — and through (like looking from there). So thoroughly he will be looking to finally see the desire that I did not have time to think.

And that's how Harry would look at me and see my desire — but I will be silent — but because he will not stand and speak first.

— Look, — he looks into his eyes. — I think you put a condition that tells the desires of the one who was defeated?
— That is — happily I agree. — I'm lost — hence the desire to command.
— You lost — objection to me Harry — but that does not mean anything. You lost, but got a kick out of this party, so — no defeats. And if the lesion is not yours, so — it's mine. In this game, I was defeated and now I have the right to order a wish.

It seems that Harry thought of this in advance, so as the desire he has already been prepared. He got up from the bench and asked to be near him. Harry said he wanted to hug me. That's it? — Rassmyayalasya I though in fact it scared me worried: what cold metaphysics Harry? Is it so easy to say goodbye to her, — I am surprised, coming close to him. I already feel on his face the breath, but Harry is in no hurry to embrace me. It seems he did not apply to me. Not at all. He just slowly fingering my hair on the shoulders, which are tangled in the wind. Takes on a scarf and holds it in his hands. After finally he hugs me and whispers something about the most important thing in the game. "You still forget — you forgot the most important thing," — almost gleefully whispers to me Harry. As if it is not finding fault, and congratulating me with this talented mistake. With that, I forgot the main thing.

— About the king? — I ask again.

But Harry did not answer. He smiles sadly at my hair and does not let go of his own.

— Admit it, Harry — I try to get rid of his mysterious gaze and return it to an unexpected question to himself. — And if you win you i is not upset — defeat would be like yours?

Harry now slyly chuckling, but i did not answer my question.

He carefully puts the king i queen on the board again i check offers in the next game — whose will defeat if he wins i get pleasure from the party. "The answer will come to us himself — he assures me. — You'll see."

I agree on the next batch immediately. At first I was a little angry. I think the desire to upset Harry: I think I have not noticed that Harry hugged me. As if that was me, not Harry, was all the time with his eyes closed.

But when I'm back in the black i zasyarozhvayusya white square board, I remember playing in the yin yang i, i think it's not all that bad. I think that such a complicated legika Harry may even be very useful to me. It will come up with the end of my unfinished i have almost as intricate story.

I always think of my story about Harry in it. I want him to untangle the knot, which is carefully weaved past few weeks — I want him to make out my unfinished story. At the time I wrote a story about magic theater. About Harry and magic theater. More precisely, Harry himself in this story were not — were hidden beneath a few characters, and all of them were eventually forced to take off their masks. However, the mask no one in the story, most likely, never took off — I suspect — but this was not the case. It was the fact that one of its embodiment in the story, I made myself. I was wondering what place I occupy in the theater Harry. What role I'll take myself in this game. However, the roles can be many. But the problem is that — no matter how you look — the temptation was waiting for me in every role and the ability to deliver — also was in all roles. So I deliberately provoke herself in the story — and I ask who you want to be, Margo? Or — with whom you want to be? I burned all the bridges — and from then on I can not explain away. I should finally be answered.

— Listen, Harry — I can not stand and even during the game, not waiting for their turn desires, ask him a question. — I transcribe several times his narrative, but that once i stop at one the same questions. I want to be? I have always turns one i the same answer — but the answer is not mine, and the hero of Selinzhera. "I want to be a dead cat," — said Seymour bride's parents when they asked about his future. I also want to say that I would be a dead cat, but would not it be a lie, Harry? I'm not the bride's parents will not answer, I'll answer my own dad. And as I say to him — dead cat? How can I say that the most precious in life — it is a dead cat, whom no one could ever put a price. And did I ever be able to defeat his own father? — Do not be afraid of a short time, just to catch a glimpse of Harry, he peers into the clouds, the wind again is looking for, and that he is now — I feel — will be able to reply to me as he answered during the old children's game of yin and yang. Finally I asked Harry quietly and carefully: — What I finish the story, Harry? What do I reply tattoo?

— So i tell him — has Harry — "I want to be a dead cat." After that, he will not get over you win.
— But i am I then not be the winner, because I came up with is this?
— No, it certainly did not come up with you — agrees Harry. —
— I, thank God, you are the winner, too, never will be. Now you're just going to … invincible — says Harry opens his eyes. — Checkmate — he says and takes my king.

It is at this point looks to me mindfully. Even searchingly — zasmuchusya or not. Razvesyalyusya stay calm. But I do not understand. So I do not know — I rejoice or worry that lost. Harry's words about neperamozhnasts and about a dead cat shocked me, and now I can not think of defeat — if I have it, and therefore ready to accept any result — that says Harry.

Grief and this time said that the defeat of it (hence, I still could not stand the test — was wondering about the lost king?). I am quite happy with it. I was terribly worried about only one thing — the desire to come up with Harry at this time.

He admits that he has long wanted to offer me a gamble. But was afraid to startle. And here now. It seems now you can. Harry asks me to play with him navoslep party. Also, close your eyes and do not open them until the very end of the party. Until the mat.

I certainly agree.

At first I did not understand what all the field and on the field where the white and black pieces where. Harry tells me what to do in this case — is to play with both hands. And then quickly got used to the darkness, then forget about unnecessary questions and skantsentruessya on the game itself — very seriously tells me Harry.

And I start to play. I got almost all the time in the hands of wood, lacquered figurines, change them, his fingers. Nice to guess where the elephant, where ferz where rapidly. So glad that I did not notice there is nowhere my king. To touch, rearrange wooden figures brings so much joy that I do not want to stop playing, I want to pull the mat in a different way. Maybe that's why I'm getting almost all the same, what with my — or out of — the king. I do not hear, and the fact that I repeated several times Harry — unless you can hear someone else, when you listen to the yin and yang, you feel like they are a changing, moving from field to field, from cell to cell. In complete darkness.

And then:
— Mat — echoes Harry loudly. — You do checkmated.
— Mein Gott, — I padhoplivayusya. — But I did not notice. I do not want to so quickly ended the game.

I open my eyes and look at Harry in surprise — he laughs. Sincerely and anything but boring. It confuses me and finally I ask:

— If you lost your king, Harry, you vesyalissya. Why? Is the King — not the most important thing?
— No — Harry nods his head happily. — The Game is not a necklace. The meaning of the game — … But I tell you all of the already described. Or was it you told me. Or is it told us Salinger. In stories about the dead cat.

Harry pauses for a moment — it is given Caan, distancing himself looking at the clouds, look for the wind … And then only one Gest explains it to me: the main thing in chess — do not forget about the dead cat.

That's all. That was all he said. He collects his new chess. Dark Light smiles and walks away. It is easy, as the angel takes Harry away from me through the alley of the park, and I think, maybe, if I shall add a story about magic theater and Harry in it, maybe then I'll understand everything. But for now I can not even understand — who of us got defeated in the last game.

I can not understand not only that. I can not understand why Harry walks away, leaving me alone with my not even invented desires.

I was very upset because the feeling that if there are no losers, if I become invincible, then someone will come up with will? Who is Harry? — I ask him, but he was already far away and can not hear me.

And without desire — and chess is not chess, I think. And the old children's game of yin and yang — without desires — is also no longer a game. And so — the cool shadows of clouds.

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