In the Irkutsk region cavers new cavities

Two new cave discovered cavers Irkutsk club "Arabica" in Taishet district of Orenburg region. They, for the first time on the stone walls, the vegetation found
Caving invited director of the local museum George Bulygin. He was confident that during the Civil War in a local cave on the bank of the river was a detachment of the Red Army. If you find an abandoned camp, then replenished with new museum exhibits and expand the list of cavers caves Irkutsk region.
Locals say that there are 15 caves in which to get lost. Cavers took this with a grain of salt, because in our time, the opening of new caves — a rarity. During this small expedition, researchers looked at three caves, two of which — for the first time. They are small — the largest 30 meters, but if you examine them more carefully, it can be found inside the new hall. Surprised Biryusinsk voids and the presence of plants on the rocks.
In general, due to the lack of light, plants underground — a rarity. Their samples will be sent to the Institute of Limnology. It may be that science, they are not yet known.
Caves Taishet district needs more thorough investigation. Cavers are going to spend here several expeditions. Maybe then it will be found, and the Red Army shelter.

Category: Archaeological discoveries

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