In the Netherlands, children seized for talking in Russian

Latvia's Russian-speaking citizen accused of "poor integration" into Dutch society

Scandalous baton for weaning at Russian-speaking mothers of children followed by Finland Holland picked up. Latvian citizen Elena Antonova for a year trying to regain his nine-year twins, which the Dutch guardianship lived in a boarding school. The reasons for local yuvenalschikov out as much as two, one crazier than the other. And it's not even a slap on the ass or the lack of oranges in the refrigerator.

Mother talks to them in Russian ("unbalanced, not integrated and antisocial personality!") — This time. It turns out, the carrier of the great language of Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, whose works are still ekraniziruet West — and it does not matter now, what they have there get the latest "Karenina" — in the family plane is recorded in anti-social types.

Next, the mother can take them back to Latvia — that's two. That Latvia for several years as a member of the European Union, which is guaranteed to citizens free movement inside of it, it turns out, she remembers only one.

Who left to work in the Netherlands Antonov married there for Nikolai Kharitonov — a native of Kazakhstan, but allegiance to the Netherlands. They are now divorced last year Helen was deprived of parental rights and the children she can see only once every two weeks.

"Here there is discrimination on the basis of language and ethnicity, and this is contrary to the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union", — says MEP from Latvia Tatjana Zhdanok. As she told the Latvian media, do not give to children Antonova speak their native language even

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