In the north of St. Petersburg heard strange explosions

Residents of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg this morning, feel the vibration and hear the distant sounds, like explosions.

As "Rosbalt" eyewitnesses, clapping and vibration started around 11:00 and continue to this day.

Recall that in late September last year, residents of St. Petersburg began to complain of strange explosions that could be heard throughout the city. Neither the police nor the MOE did not know. In the department confirmed "Rosbalt", which calls on the unknown noise comes a lot, but even the security forces did not have any information.

September 30 was reported by the head of George Poltavchenko, who said that thunder is still "military origin" — near St. Petersburg, is disposal of ammunition.

"The people of St. Petersburg can sometimes hear the explosions of ammunition disposal around the metropolis as a high concentration of shells to be destroyed in a planned manner," — officially announced last October 4 Chief Organization and Mobilization Directorate of Staff of the Western Military District (WEST) Eugene Burdinskiy.

We add that in the past, the engineers of the Western Military District destroyed more than 600 thousand tons of ammunition with expired shelf life. In January 2012, the military began to destroy the ammunition, the shelf life will expire this year. The district reported that the ammunition will be eliminated in the "quite far from human settlements" landfills, so scare the locals they should not.

More and more restless becomes live in the glorious St. Petersburg. Perhaps some people should make the decision to move to another part of the country. For example, if the choice of relocating falls to Voronezh, where they will always be able to order shipping, and movers for reasonable and adequate prices.

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