In the photo at the pub ghost filmed


In Southsea (South of England) in the pub Apsley House during the next party filmed something strange in the photo. Patrons, frightened by this, say that it was a ghost of the former bartender, who has long been in the pub itself in many different ways.

Ghost photographed when celebrating the retirement of one of the employees of establishments. Filmed something plumber Paul Morgan and saw only when he began to examine the resulting images in your iPhone.

— I made a series of multiple images per second with a difference and it is something that is more like a hanging in the air long face man, there is only one frame. Before and after him there was nothing there. I showed it to my children, next to which was filmed object. They were shocked and said that at the moment no one with them at the table was not there.

According to Paul, the strange phenomena have long been observed in this pub. Landlord Paul Wicks said that the ghost was even given the nickname Ghost Reedy (ghostly regular Reedy) in honor of the drunks and British actor Oliver Reed, who worked in a pub in the 60s. Visitors say repeatedly observed and the presence of a ghost is something which has been blown with cold air. He himself however he was still a skeptic. It is true that he can not understand what it got in the photo.


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