In the Pskov region fireball almost slept nursery ground

Residents of the village and did not have time to blink an eye, like a fireball mischief Photo: www.liveinternet.ruThe disaster struck Velikoluksky area.
In Velikye area fireball deprived village PLAKSIN kindergarten. He, fortunately, did not burn to the ground, but has a serious injury and can not work.

— On Saturday, July 9, approximately 14 hours and 30 minutes above the village of the storm broke. The resulting fireball hit the harness. Its main discharge occurred over the building of a kindergarten "brook", where, fortunately, that day there was no one. In an instant, in a radius of 300 meters there was a strong glow, deafening thunder, it seemed that the earth trembled, there was a crashing wiring. People ran out of the house to the street — told the local newspaper "Our Way" head of the administration of the rural settlement "Assumption Parish» Love Nikiforov.

At the sound of a triggered alarm in kindergarten first ran a local resident Vladimir Pashev and saw that the inside of the building on fire. Without thinking, he called the fire engine and the director of the kindergarten of trouble. People in the home tried to resist the spread of fire in the premises, but it was not enough

Firefighters arrived within 30 minutes and immediately started fighting. According to the official website Velikoluksky area, despite the fact that the building met all the requirements of the fire, inside it has exploded, almost 50% of it is out of order. Charred and melted a lot, especially in the games room, where destroyed all the toys, furniture and teaching materials. Also fireball destroyed the alarm wiring, everything else has a strong degree of dinginess.

To restore the pre-school now needs a lot of money. At a recent meeting in the enlarged district administration head of the district Igor Kalashnikov promised that the district will seek funds.

Residents have high hopes for the help of all who are not indifferent to the fate of small peasants, who are eagerly awaiting the opening of their favorite kindergarten.

Alex cedars

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